Meet the cast of The Jakes Are Missing – SA Romantic Comedy film



Character (Lead Role)  : Janice is a corporate woman, a lawyer who has won some big cases. But she is bored with her husband and being a mother. She wants something different – she wants her youth back. When she is forced to relocate, her life falls apart with no cell phones, salon weaves, manicures, pedicures and domestic workers. The little town she moves to has a group of nosy people and Janice cannot stand them. Until she is broken down and all she has are the people in this town. She finally manages to reconnect with her husband and realizes that she has always loved him and she loves being a mother – she just lost her way.

MamphoThe Actress                    :

Mampho enjoyed a fruitful period in Hollywood, cast in several TV dramas and film. Amongst these, she enjoys recalling scenes she played against Dustin Hoffman in the TV drama ‘Luck’ (2011), as well as the lead role in the USC sponsored film ‘What to bring to America’ which was successfully presented at various Film Awards show in Europe and the US. Mampho also featured on the ABC TV hit ‘Revenge’ directed by prominent Hollywood Director Phillip Noyce. Upon her return to South Africa (2012) she has featured in drama’s and films such as: Jacobs Cross, District 9, Swop, Zero Tolerance until she was cast for the lead role in the TV drama ‘Isibaya’ as ‘Iris’.

image005Pope Jerrod  as Donald Jakes

Character (Husband to Janice)   : Donald is an American who met Janice in the USA, fell in love and moved to SA for her. He is a successful architect who has just made partner in his business. Spending all of his time at work so his family can have all the riches and luxuries they ever wanted. He had no idea his wife was unhappy. After being relocated he is given the task to renovate the towns heritage park until he meets Mr. TumbleWeed – who wants him to prove his worth with manual labour – something he frowns upon as an architect. He finally learns the truth about his wife and why she wanted to leave him but before he can do anything about it – the bad guys arrive and they find themselves hostages. Donald protects his family as they will always come first.

The Actor:

Pope Jerrod – His film experience: Lead role in Taste of Rain (South African Production), Safe House (with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds), History of the US, The Lost Future, Luck, Time of the Snake, Flashback of a Fool, Hansie, Three days to Jones Town, Big Fellas, Snitched, Highway.

His television experience: End Game, Homeland III, Dreamworld, The London Guy, Stockvel.

image007Mpho Sebeng as Simon Jakes

Character: Simon Jakes is teenage boy obsessed with music. His parents now living in modern day society of riches and wealth are strict about the life their son leads and do not approve of his musical interest, unless classical. One night, while supposedly being grounded, Simon sneaks out to a music event that could possible change his career forever. However it changes his life forever as he becomes the witness to a murder and escapes the crime scene with the one thing the criminals are willing to kill for. Simon in the escape but drops his wallet with all his personal information. His house is broken into as the criminals attempt to get their microchip back – this leads to the family being relocated. In this small town Simon meets the Reverends daughter, Page, and she changes his mind about life and music.

The Artist:

When Mpho, a young talented star has taken on major roles in drama’s such as Justice for All, Zero Tolerance, Bay of Plenty, Soul Buddyz, Saints and Sinners and Z’bondiwe. He is also a presenter on ETV’s youth talk show Craz-E. His film roles include: Kanda Khulu, Lost Innocence, Winnie (With Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard), Queen of Kwate (with David Oyelowo and Lupita Nyong’o)

image010Nomzamo Mbatho as Page Reynolds

Character: Page is the daughter of Rev. Reynolds and Grace Reynolds. She is a charming student with a beautiful voice. She starts a relationship with Simon but most importantly they partner up to win the annual choir festival which they have lost every other year.

The Artist:

Mbatha was born in KwaMashu, north of Durban, found as a star when she became one of the three finalists in the 2012 MTV Base VJ Search. She landed her first acting role in 2013 on Mzansi Magic’s soapie iSibaya. In 2015 she took on the lead role as an orphan from Kwa-Zulu Natal who becomes a 3rd wife in the Polygamous Drama Series for ETV Umlilo

Darlington Michaels as Reverend Reynolds

Character: He is the charismatic Reverend in the small town of Pumpkin Vaimage012lley. He takes care of people when the Police need to protect them.

The Artist:

Darlington Michaels is a South African actor best known for his role as flamboyant gangster Georgie “Papa G” Zamdela in the soap opera Isidingo. His film work include Cry the Beloved Country, Mapantsula, Bunny Chow, Know Thyself. His theatre career spans over 30 years as an actor on plays such as I Believe, Too Late, Beyond A Song, Can You Take It, Mama and the Load, Hard Road, and Laduma. He also an acclaimed writer having penned 7 plays. He continues runs theatre workshops in the townships.

image014Abigail Kubeka as Grace Reynolds

Character: Wife to Rev. Reynolds. She is the mother everyone looks up to. At first all her efforts to reach out to Janice fail until Janice needs someone to talk to – Janice finds comfort and advice in Grace.

The Artist:

Abigail Kubeka is a South African singer, songwriter, musical arranger and actress who is known for her musical performances, especially in cabaret. A prolific and versatile entertainer she has performed to critical acclaim across venues across Africa, Europe, Asia, appearing alongside stars such as Eartha Kitt, Percy Sledge and Monk Montgomery. She has featured in films: Hijack, The Line. Her stage roles include: King Afrika with Henry Cele, The Best Whorehouse in Texas with Judy Page. In 1986 She was a recipient of the Woman of our Time Award as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 8th Annual South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) 2014.

image016Nicole Bailey as Jenny

Character: Jenny is one of the neighbours living in Pumpkin Valley. Friends with Mary-Anne and Candi, they don’t quite get on with Janice. They do however have an eye for her husband.

The Artist:

Nicole broke with her major role in 2013 on the tv series Let Heaven Wait. She has featured in films such as Dredd (with Wood Harris, Karl Urban), Punzi (Post Apocalyptic Short Film), 20th Century Fox teen thriller Chronicle. After moving to Johannesburg she has featured in dramas such as Intersexions, Binneland, The Message, Mzansi Manje and Swartwater. She continues to create in the industry as content Producer and Researcher.

image018Heidi Mollentze as Mary-Anne

Character: Mary-Anne is one of the neighbours living in Pumpkin Valley. Friends with Jenny and Candi, they don’t quite get on with Janice. They do however have an eye for her husband.

The Artist:

Hedi is a South African actress, singer, voice artist, dialogue coach, presenter and performance coach. She is best known for her magnificent role as Helen Patterson on the soap Generations. Other soaps include Isidingo, Villa Rosa, Egoli. Heidi has acted in television series such as: Suburban Bliss, Die Vierde Kabinet, Voetr van Goud, Die Casper Rasper Show, Haak and Steek, Zing, Popstars, Jozi Streets, Dit Wat Stom Is, Swartwater. Her theatre work includes: Kringe in a Bos, The Kind and I, The Buddy Holly Story, Skilpoppe, Little Shop of Horrors, Whore. Heidi has also created a career directing stage plays such as The Laramie Project, The Cabaret: The Life of US and the Bollywood music Fusion

image020Celeste Ntuli as Candi

Character: Candi is one of the neighbours living in Pumpkin Valley. Friends with Mary-Anne and Jenny, they don’t quite get on with Janice. They do however have an eye for her husband.

The Artist:

Celeste Ntlui is a South African stand-up comedienne and actress. She created waves in 2009 when she was one of the 10 contestants on the reality series So You Think You’re Funny. She made her acting debut on the soap isiBaya. Her career as a comedian has had her performing at major comedy festivals such as the Blacks Only Showcase, SA Comic’s Choice Awards, Late Night with Loyiso Gola, Laugh out Loud. She also performed in the first stand up Zulu comedy show at the Durban Playhouse in 2011.

image022Dirk Stoltz as Tumbleweed

Character: Mr. TumbleWeed owns the little town of Pumpkin Valley. He is very protective of his town, especially when the new guy Donald is appointment to renovate the site. He decides to test Donald’s character before he can approve the town plans but what is unknown to all is, that he is indeed the keeper of the people in the Witness Protection Programme.

The Artist:

Dirk is best known for his role as Stefan Ferreira in the drama series Erfsondes. Dirk has been working in television, theatre and cinema since the early 1990’s starring in Song vir Katryn, Riemvasmaak, Arsenaal, Die Vierde Kabinet, Iemand on Lief te he, Triptiek, Plek vam die Vleisvreters, Askies, Getroud Met Rugby, Swartwater. His film roles include Red Dust (with Hilary Swank, Chiwetel Ejiofor), Safe House (with Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds), Stander (with Thomas Jane), Superhelde.

image024Zaakeya Patel as Nancy

Character: Nancy is a small town magazine Editor, who features all the towns happenings. She is tasked to do an article on the town renovations and Donald Banks (Banks is the new surname Donald and his family are living with). She did not expect to fall in love with him.

The Artist:

Patel was introduced to the South African audiences through the feature film Material. Her other film works include Closing Act and Painting Water. On television she had roles on The Wild and High Rollers. Her career spans into theatre on productions such as Locked, The Colonel Bird, The Black and white, Othello, A Style of the Eye, Vessel, Qaphela Caesar, Wintertime and Click-x-cess and Suitcase.

image026Jody Abrahams as Fred

Character: Fred, is supposed to be the ultimate bad guy, problem is he has no idea how to be one. He has been tasked with collecting all the micro chips that the Malone family needs in order to make an arms deal. When Simon witnesses him killing a man and a chip goes missing, Fred and his team need to track them down, find the chip and get rid of them before the Jakes identify him as the murderer.

The Artist:

Jody’s career spans over theatre and musicals, television and film. He has given award winning performances on the Musical District 6, Kat and the Kings

Television: Interrogation Room, Hard Copy, Fishy Feshuns, Backstage, Charlie Jade, Transito, Hopeville

Sopaies: 7de Laan, Rhythym City. Jody has since expanded his career into writing, producing and directing feature films.

image028Craig Palm as Fester

Character: Fester works for Fred. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. His only competition is the other stooge Clyde who also works with them.

The Artist:

Craig is best know for his ability to pull off gangster roles, he made a grand entrance into the television industry as Angle the Gangster in Yizo Yizo. Since them he has features in drama’s such as Zone 14, Izoso Connexion, Swartwater, Getroud Met Rugby. His film works covers films such as: Race-ist, Max and MOna, The Flyer, Tsotsi, Triomf, The Bang Bang Club (with Ryan Phillippe), Safe House (with Denzel Washington and Ryan Ryenolds)

image030Sokulu Mthiyane as Clyde

Character : Clyde works for Fred. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. His only competition is the other stooge Fester who also works with them.

The Artist:

Sokulu’s career in television include productions such as Generations, Kalaharioasis, Gaz’lam, Justice for All, Home Coming, Mzani,, Mindset. his film work includes Leon Schusters Oh Shucks I’m Gatvol.

image032David Dukas as Malone

Character : The ultimate bad guy who is about to pull off one of the biggest arms deals in South Africa, until all of his plans are crushed when Simon witnesses his goons Fred, Fester and Clyde commit a crime.

The Artist:

David Dukas played Mike Jennings in the SA households daily on the soap Backstage. In 1993 he made his television debut on the series Triptiek followed by Paradys in 1994. From there on he joined soaps like Egoli, 7de Laan, It Rained Last Night, Natural Rhythm, The Legend of the Hidden City, The Res, Jozi Streets, Home Affairs, Strike Back, Wild at Heart, Strike Back. Films include Hooded Angels, Berserkers and Beauty and the Beast (in which he played The Beast/Agnar), Inside Out, The Queen’s Messenger, Sturm Der Liebe, Slash, No Man’s Gold, The Rose Grower, Stander. Although he is best known for playing the villain he also enjoys comedy – featuring in’s sitcom Madam & Eve and Casper De Vries’ Haak en Steek.


image034Bianca Isaac : Writer / Producer

Bianca Isaac, not only sets the bar very high, but also serves as a pioneer in her own right being a female in a male dominant industry. Starting off in the television industry with productions such as Egoli, Scandal and Backstage. In 2008 she was given the opportunity to Produce her fist drama series Kruispad (ATKV Award Winners for: Best Producer, Best Director, Best Writer, Best Actress and Best Actor). She then went on to Produce Getroud Met Rugby: Seasons 1-3 (drama series produced for KykNET) followed by her 1st Feature Film in 2011 ‘Getroud Met Rugby: Die Onvertelde Storie’. During 2013 she Produced a 26 part SABC drama series called Swartwater, which at the SAFTA’s 2015 won Best Drama Series, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Production Design. In 2014 she Produced ETV’s newest drama Series Umlilo (Season 1).

She also has a career in theatre on productions such as The King and I, Fiddler on the Roof, Ons Vir Jou, Dis hoe dit was met Steve, African Queens.

Her film works include. 2011: ‘Getroud Met Rugby: Die Onvertelde Storie’, 2013: ‘Between Friends’, 2014: 4x NFVF Female Director / Producer Short Films, 2014: RISE – which was extremely well received on Mzansi Magic.

In 2012, Bianca started her own Production Company; Figjam Entertainment embarking on ‘The Jakes Are Missing’ as it’s first feature AND Rap Dad’s as it’s first reality show created for the young entertainment channel Vuzu. She is currently in a co-production for a film called The Wound

Her philanthropic attributes extend to her work ethic as she strives to not only succeed in her personal capacity but also to empower other young individuals, especially young women and empowering young people to make their mark in the film industry. Figjam currently has 3 young filmmakers the company continues to mentor. Bianca has been involved with film training and development programmes based in KZN.

image038Jonothan De La Querra : Director Of Photography (D.O.P)

After completing an honours course in cinematography at the South African School of Film, Television and Dramatic Art ( AFDA) , Jonathan pursued a 13 year career as a director of photography in the medium of motion picture but mainly in television drama and feature films because his passion lies in narrative. Jonathan has photographed films such as GOG Helen, the more recent “The Jakes are missing”, long running series such as Zone 14 and Isibaya, also 13 part drama series such as Endgame (SABC) , Dreamworld (SABC ) , Saints & Sinners Season 1 and 2 for Mzanzi Magic and the more recent Umlilo (Season 1 and 2) on ETV. He has received SAFTA nominations for both Isibaya and Endgame for best cinematography in 2014 and now 2015.


image042Lehase Molloyi : Wardrobe

Lehase had been in the fashion industry for over 5 years when he started as a wardrobe assistant on drama series, features and game shows until he got his break to design and style his first feature: RISE – for Mzansi Magic. He them moved on to style and head up the wardrobe division for ETV’s Umlilo followed by the game show Clovers Little Bog Cook Off.

image040Ronwyn Jarrett    : Make Up

Ronwyn Jarrett makeup and hair HOD The Jakes Are Missing
Based in Johannesburg, with experience film, TV and stills along with a BA Degree in Motion Picture and Film. She has love as well as passion for the industry and what she does. You may find her at work on location covered in special effects blood or studios doing glamorous photo shoots. A young artist who will go wherever the job takes her, with a kit in hand, brushes at the ready and an excitement  for the next challenge. “makeup is my art”. Amongst Ronwyn’s productions are: Umlilo (Season 2), Ons Stories (Season 1), Making a Killing, Tanks and Bicycles, Bloedboers, Hype Magazine Cover Shoots