Mind-blowing Big to Impossibly Small: Women in Science returns to SABC2


WiS Logo Colour_MED-RESWomen in Science returns to SABC2 from Thursday 30th July at 11h00 for six weeks; the documentary is about ordinary women doing extra-ordinary things in some of the world’s most cutting edge areas of research; space science, synthetic biology and palaeoanthropology right here in South Africa.

The series is not only about pioneering research; it tells stories of women who through passion and relentless hard work have become involved in scientific domains, sometimes without any formal science training. Each show visits a different science context and exposes the multi-faceted work that takes place there. We meet women who are charting the edges of our vast universe, and others who are imaging the interior of a single cell; from mind-blowing big to the impossibly small” explains Surekha Singh, commissioning editor at SABC Education.

South Africa is the fossil hotspot of the world; the most complete and well preserved fossil skeleton found to date comes from the Malapa site in the Cradle of Humankind, these bones are casting new light on the mystery of our origins.

“The broadcast of this series during August when women celebrate themselves is a sign that women are great and powerful. In the past, women never thought of venturing in domains of science let alone technology. The women featured in the series motivate and encourage younger women not to fear science and technology in any way” adds Singh.

More plants are found in the Cape Peninsula than in the whole of New Zealand. When it comes to the conservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom, strong management and complex partnerships are important; women are making this happen. Conservation requires a new mind set of respect and appreciation; some women are taking trained cheetahs into classrooms for children to experience the thrill of a magnificent wild animal first hand. The series is funded by the Department of Science and Technology.

Women in Science places women and who they are personally at the centre of the show; their unexpected life journeys, how they balance work with family responsibilities, who has inspired and supported them, and what they’re dreaming about for the future” ends Singh.