Mmarona Kgwele Teaching South Africans to be Money Wise


Mmarona Kgwele cMmarona Kgwele is a gifted speaker, actress and radio personality. She is the new presenter of the television series Rands with Sense on SABC2 every Monday at 12:00. Rands with Sense focuses on financial issues of consumers who battle to make a living while being over their heads in debt and making more and more debt every month to survive from payday to payday.

Mmarona is tenacious, talented and dedicated to her craft. She has entertained millions across the continent, be it television presenting, acting or public speaking. Mmarona curbs complacency and charismatically delivers a golden performance each and every time. She says “Rands with Sense is an SABC Education programme that teaches South Africans to be money savvy. It assists people to manage their debt and finances and shows better ways in which to use or spend money. The show deals with important financial matters and encourages South Africans to be informed of Consumer Protection Rights. Experts assist ordinary South Africans to pursue their studies, find or create employment and use their money wisely”.

Mmarona made headlines with her vampire, gothic role as MJ’s girlfriend Paulina on Generations. She plays the role of Sandy on SABC1’s drug syndicate CSI drama, Task Force and plays the role of the sexy, vindictive marketing director of Amandla Construction on Sticks and Stones. Despite her demanding on-screen commitments, Mmarona is focused on her responsibilities as a wife, mom and student at University. Her dream is to be a savvy businesswoman; she is honing her skills as the Founding Director of the youth mentoring organisation Itshepeng Mentoring and Projects; ensuring that positive change occurs in the lives of the youth. She established Itshepeng Mentoring and Projects to bring hope to young people and improve conditions at public schools.

Rands with Sense brings insight into how most financial institutions operate. We teach consumers to not be emotional or impulsive spenders but to rather commit to a concise budget and live within their means. Our goal is to teach people to save more and spend less, by finding ways of making additional income and letting their money work for them. “Rands with Sense educates viewers on financial matters that will help to reduce debt and hopefully increase the rate of entrepreneurship in our country” ends Mmarona.