Moz Kidd drops ‘I Wanna Know’ music video feat. Riky Rick!


Hogan Antia best known as Moz Kidd released the music video for his hit single “I Wanna Know” featuring Riky Rick.

The 19-year-old hip hop artist’s music video has already been picked up by the likes of Channel O and Trace TV and is expected to enjoy rotation on other channels shortly.

“I think the amazing part about my music creating process is that I still go to school on a daily basis so I am exposed to so many things and incidences to write about. Also, I come from a diverse cultural background and I also use that as inspiration for my music” says Moz Kidd. 

FYI : Moz Kidd was born and raised in South Africa but his parents are a Nigerian Father and Mozambican Mother.

Click here to watch Moz Kidd’s  music video ‘I Wanna Know’, featuring Riky Rick.