Muvhango Teasers December 2014


muvhangoMuvhango Teasers Episodes December 2014 – Coming up on Muvhango (SABC 2) this December, 2014:

Episode 2131/ Friday 28 November 2014:

Teboho finds a scarf under the bed belonging to Mulalo’s mistress; she is ready to kill them both. A guilt-stricken Thuli can’t bear to be in the same room as her fiancé and Ndalamo. Vusi still holds a grudge against Katlego but Mankosi advises him to let it go.

Episode 2132/ Monday 01 December 2014:

Shonisani finds her scarf…and it’s not where she expected it to be! Vusi springs to Katlego’s defence. Matshidiso seems to be losing it.

Episode 2133/ Tuesday 02 December 2014:

Teboho discovers more incriminating evidence against Mulalo and Shonisani. Thuli’s lies seems to be catching up with her. Vusi and Katlego reconcile.

Episode 2134/ Wednesday 03 December 2014:

Teboho works out a way to deal with Shonisani. Ndalamo learns his secret isn’t a secret after all. Lerumo’s son unwittingly reminds Rendani of the tragedy that stole her father from her.

Episode 2135/ Thursday 04 December 2014:

Matshidiso has a devious plan to hook Ndalamo. Teboho pays a visit to Shonisani in hospital. Rendani rejects Thobela for the second time.

Episode 2136/ Friday 05 December 2014:

Shonisani is desperate not to go home to Mulalo’s house to convalesce. She tells Mulalo that what happened to her was no accident. Matshidiso photoshops a photo to depict Ndalamo proposing to her. She posts it on Facebook and slips a ring on her own finger. Thobela continues to make a fool of himself in front of Rendani as he still does not know that she is a Mukwevho.

Episode 2137/ Monday 08 December 2014:

Shonisani doesn’t want to move into Mulalo’s house while she recuperates. Thuli is jealous when she discovers that Ndalamo and Matshidiso are engaged. Thobela manages to get deeper into Rendani’s bad books.

Episode 2138/ Tuesday 09 December 2014:

Shonisani thinks she has a way to prove that her mishap with Teboho’s car was no accident. Matshidiso catches Ndalamo and Thuli in a compromising position. Thobela finds out exactly who the feisty waitress at Dukathole is.

Episode 2139/ Wednesday 10 December 2014:

Pat discovers Thuli and Ndalamo’s big secret. Teboho is determined to get away with her crime. Rendani wants nothing to do with Thobela.

Episode 2140/ Thursday 11 December 2014:

Mulalo tries to get Teboho to come clean. Pat confronts Thuli. Nonny pleads Thobela’s case to Rendani.

Episode 2141/ Friday 12 December 2014:

Pat is shattered by his discovery. Thobela’s apology to Rendani just makes things worse. Vho-Mukondeleli boots Teboho out the house.

Episode 2142/ Monday 15 December 2014:

Teboho has nowhere left to turn in Thathe. Thuli tells Ndalamo she doesn’t love him. Thobela makes one last effort with Rendani

Episode 2143/ Tuesday 16 December 2014:

Teboho gets ready to leave town and starts making amends with the people she has wronged. Thuli and Pat remain silent as to the real reason that their wedding has been called off. Thobela works at Dukathole to redeem himself with Rendani.

Episode 2144/ Wednesday 17 December 2014:

Teboho leaves Thathe…or does she? Thobela convinces Lerumo to allow him to continue working for the enemy. Pat is not happy when Lerumo calls a family meeting and demands to know why the wedding is off.

Episode 2145/ Thursday 18 December 2014:

Teboho pushes Mulalo into a corner. Pat confides in his father. Thobela makes headway with Rendani.

Episode 2146/ Friday 19 December 2014:

Shonisani is handed ammunition that could see Teboho locked away for good. Thuli and Pat reach a decision about their future. Thobela is disappointed to learn there is another man in Rendani’s life.

Episode 2147/ Monday 22 December 2014:

Thandaza’s 20 Years of Democracy Party is ruined when Nonny decides to sort Matshidiso out. Matshidiso tells Thuli to stay away from her man. Mulalo finds out what Shonisani has done. Thobela is very relieved to find out that Rendani doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Episode 2148/ Tuesday 23 December 2014:

Thobela confesses his true feelings to Rendani. Teboho’s bail hearing is a disaster. Pat and Ndalamo lock horns.

Episode 2149/ Wednesday 24 December 2014:

Shonisani tries to fix her mistake. Malume Themba arrives for the wedding; he has a surprise for Thuli. Pfuluwani gets her revenge on Teboho. Gundo and Rendani fight over Thobela.

Episode 2150/ Thursday 25 December 2014:

Mampho arrives in Joburg. She is not happy about the situation with Teboho. Thuli prepares to leave her apartment and move to the Mojalefa House. Thobela thinks that he and Rendani can resolve the feud between their two families.

Episode 2151/ Friday 26 December 2014:

Mulalo is very nervous when he hears that Mampho is in town. Teboho tries to come to terms with the idea that she could be in jail for a very long time. Thuli’s wedding ends in a surprising way.

Episode 2152/ Monday 29 December 2014:

Mampho drops a bombshell at the Mukwevho family. Everyone in Johannesburg is reeling after Thuli and Pat’s wedding disaster. Thuli’s lies seem to be catching up on her.

Episode 2153/ Tuesday 30 December 2014:

The police can’t find Teboho. Ndalamo does what he does every time Thuli rejects him. Malume Themba goes after the Mojalefa’s.

Episode 2154/ Wednesday 31 December 2014:

The police frantically search for the missing Teboho. Pat refuses to talk to Thuli. Gundo convinces Hangwani that Thobela and Rendani are dating.

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