‘My Father’s War’ movie set to hit cinemas in August 2016


The South African bilingual (Afrikaans/English) drama film ‘My Father’s War‘ will be making its way to the local cinemas on Friday, August 5th, 2016.

My Father’s War focuses on the broken relationship between a father and his rebellious teenage son.

The film is set in 2003 and 19-year-old Dap Smit (Edwin van der Walt) is constantly fighting with his father, Dawid (Stian Bam), a veteran of the Border War.

The men don’t see eye to eye on anything and there seems to be no hope for reconciliation between them. Dawid’s wife, Karina (Erica Wessels) is caught in the middle of their epic battle.

The leading actors in the new film are Stian Bam, Edwin van der Walt, Erica Wessels, Neels Clasen, Hannes Muller, Meren Reddy, Fumani Shilubana, Jai’prakash Sewram and David Rees amongst many others.

The movie is expected to premiere Friday, August 5th at Cinemas country wide.