Mzansi Magic launches new reality show “Please Step In”!


step inFamily dynamics in the spotlight as Mzansi Magic launches Please Step In.

Having launched the highly toipcal uTatakho series last month, Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) is gearing up to launch a new family reality series called Please Step In, which is focussed on helping family members resolve a collective issue. This time round however, the show revolves around families looking to resolve their challenges and problems with a particular member of their group.

The series which will be hosted by familiar faces in trained counsellor Angie Diale, and renowned community leader Dosto Noge, launches on Monday August 31 and will broadcast every Monday thereafter at 8pm.

The concept is both powerful and practical, and works in two parts. To start, through the process of healing the rifts that divide them, family members sit down with the hosts to talk about the dynamics at play in their personal lives and why a particular individual is creating tension, unhappiness or concern. Then, the individual at the centre of the issue is invited to engage with the family in a session facilitated by the show hosts, whose main objective is to try to help all involved find a more positive way forward. Whether professional help is required or it’s just a matter of learning to listen to one another, Please Step In attempts to unite the family around a common purpose.

Some serious issues the series will tackle include: substance abuse, anti-social behaviour, violence, and alcoholism. Central to what is designed to be a healing process is the role of clear communication among families, as they work to restore harmony and hope to their troubled relationships

Commenting on Mzansi Magic’s creation of a second docu-reality series this year, M-Net’s Director of Local Interest Channels Nkateko Mabaso says that the channel recognizes and appreciates that its audience has an appetite for honest programming like Please Step In, if these programmes are handled with care and consideration for all those involved.

“We are committed to developing this genre further and hope that at the end of the day, we can provide compelling entertainment that inspires participants and home viewers to find solutions to the problems currently occurring in their lives. We are also pleased to have Angie and Dosto on board, and we are confident they can stimulate meaningful and healthy interactions.”

Remember to stay tuned to DStv channel 161 for the best in entertainment.


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  3. Hello my name is Agnes can you please help by giving me a please step in email adress cause my case is very yonger sister drives me crazy.

    • I Setshego Getrude Mogapi is also in need of the please step in’s email address because I for one is also facing a really big problem with my husband’s family they won’t leave us alone and my husband is also entetraining them

  4. I Setshego Getrude Mogapi is also in need of the please step in’s email address because I for one is also facing a really big problem with my husband’s family they won’t leave us alone and my husband is also entetraining them


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