Nandi Mngoma and Zakes Bantwini unite in song


zakes_bantwiniThis Freedom Day, Nandi and Zakes released their first ever duet, which is set to get Africans to unite in song and dance.

Released on Monday, 27 April the song titled “Dance” will set the radio waves ablaze as the duo hopes to bring a strong message of unity and Ubuntu during this time of turmoil.

“What unites us as Africans is the African beat. It brings us joy, peace and harmony. A song like this is needed at a time when we feel divided from one another; but more essentially this is a sexy, feel-good song to get you dancing. We’re building a legacy of being the King and Queen of Dance,” says Mngoma.

This song also marks Mngoma’s departure from her record label Universal Music.

After three years with Universal Music, Mngoma has decided that she wants to go a different direction with her music and needed to carve that path for herself without the confinements of a record label.

“I’m grateful to Universal Music for believing in me and my music from the first day that I walked through their doors. It’s been a good journey, but as they say, all good things come to an end. I’m on this new path now and I feel that I’m headed in the right direction,” adds Mngoma.

This powerful collaboration also marks Zakes Bantwini’s return to the studio, after having spent the past couple of years working behind the scenes as the Executive Head of A&R at Sony Africa and having recently graduated from GIBBS as a Social Entrepreneur.

“I felt it more compelling right to come out and evoke a strong of sense of unity throughout the continent. I want us to dance to the beat of one African drum and allow Dance to bring us together again as the children of Africa,” says Bantwini.