Natasha Thahane might be the coolest girl on Instagram


Natasha Thahane may be new to the public eyes as she became known after joined Skeem Saam as Enhle in 2015 but throughout this year she’s proved herself to be much, much more than just another gorgeous face with a stunning voice.

Here are ten things we love about Natasha Tlahane, as told through her Instagram account:

Meet Natasha Thahane. She’s pretty hip.

She’s pretty fit.


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She, too, loves a good selfie with her boyfie

She is not afraid of wild animals


She likes her fans

She has time to hangs out with a baby


She’s not afraid to post a video without any makeup on


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Oh, and Natasha has a super-hot brother

She seems to be most comfortable in a bikini (and we’re fine with that)


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And finally, she absolutely loves her family and her grandfather is Archbishop Desmond Tutu.