New Season of 100% Youth on SABC1


NEO-VIOLINIST004100% Youth profiles ordinary South African youth who are involved in activities that range from performing arts, sports, business, fashion, design etc. These youth qualify for the show because of their unique choices, their amazing talent and skill in the space they have selected. They stand out, are trendsetters and game-changers that make the uncool look cool. They are daring, they choose the less trodden paths i.e. non-mainstream activities that most youth don’t gravitate towards.

1. Neo Motsatse Thursday 18th June 2015

Neo is a very young female violinist with a great future. Despite the violin’s unpopularity amongst young people because of its genre, classical, Neo has mastered its art and has since taken to the stage with the likes of Sibongile Khumalo and Sergio Zampolli. Neo is home-schooled, independent, very talented and ambitious.

2. Mahlatsi Sachane Thursday 25th June 2015

Mahlatsi is a ballerina who was born and raised in Alexander. Despite ballet being dubbed a female sport, Mahlatsi, a protégé of The Joburg Ballet, has embraced it and is starting to make a name for himself having performed on productions like Swan Lake and is set to go on a two-month tour in Spain later this year.

3. Portia Morudi – Bee Farmer Thursday 2nd July 2015

Born and raised on a small farm in Wintervedt, Portia is a budding social entrepreneur who after eight years in Education Management resigned from her job to start a bee farm. Today Portia has a sought after brand of honey called Iliju. She is growing her brand while grooming herself to be a great farmer. With her great looks, lovely personality, this young mother, wife, farmer and student at the University of Pretoria juggles very well.

Season three starts on Thursday 18th June at 18h00 for 26 weeks on SABC1.