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Zee World DStv channel logoSaloni Weekly Summary Ep 45 -49

Kaveri sets Darshan up and accuses him of stealing. Saloni is attacked at the temple. Nahar and Brijesh stand up to Kuki Kaki to change her attitude towards Saloni. Shubra finds out that Neil and Saloni had a love relationship.

Married Again Weekly Summary Ep 45 – 49

Aunt Maya tries to turn the daughter in-laws against each other. Aarti is pressurised by Gaytri with regards to her relationship with Yash. Yash and Aarti’s holiday is cut short and Yash renounces Aarti has his wife.

Laali Summary Ep 45 – 49

Shekhar choses the women he loves at the ritual. Ranvijay and Gangi conspire and plot to steal the land and get rid of Laali.

The Promise Weekly Summary Ep 45 – 49

Jai has been shot and in hospital. Ranveer takes advantage of Jai’s condition and goes ahead with a new business opportunity. Bani receives a threat via post. Ranveer and Jigyasa are concerned about Jai’s soft spot for the three sisters.