Nolo Phiri says goodbye to ‘Rhythm City’ after 6 years as Nikki


Nolo Phiri is leaving etv’s soapie drama this Friday, after two years playing the role of Nikki.

The 30-year-old talented actress has filmed her very last scene and is leaving the soapie to focus on family and her own production company.

“I’m practically leaving a family behind, so I’m quite sad,” she said.

Nolo says leaving the show was not a decision she made easily.

“When you find a home that works, you kinda wanna stay there for as long as you can until you find something better or bigger that will make sense. So it was quite a risky decision for me to leave everything that I’ve put myself into.”

Nolo joined Rhythm City back in 2012 after auditioning three times. Over the years her feisty street smart character has kept us at the edge of our seats.

Speaking on who she’s going to miss the most, Nolo says: “The one person that pierces my heart is Jamie Bartlett. He’s a really good friend and we connect on another level that we’re still trying to figure out.” Nolo also credits Jamie for helping her become a better actress.

Fortunately we’ll still get to see Niki on screen until the end the year.

All the best for the future, Nolo! We will miss you.