ONE Gospel (Channel 331 on DStv) – February 2015 highlights


one-gospelONE Gospel (Channel 331 on DStv) HIGHLIGHTS – February/March 2015

Deeper : City Of Zion

Premieres Mondays @ 06h00

Repeats: Mondays @ 17:30- Saturday @ 11:00

The birth of the City of Zion is a tale of faith, hope and vision. t all started in the small living room of pastor Tim and his young family as far back as 2006. With emphasis on the Word of God as the final authority and a strong teaching grace, the City of Zion has grown to be what it is today. Tim Grage makes your living room a place of worship through ONE Gospel as takes church to you.

Worship Throne

Premieres Mondays @ 09:00

Repeats: Tuesday @ 00:00

Come, now is the time to worship before His throne. An hour of adoration, exhortation, declaration, supplication and prayer to the Almighty in a form of a song.

My Absolute Favourite

Premieres Mondays at 11:00

Repeats: Fridays @ 19:00- Saturday @ 16:00

A celebrity/Gospel artist shares facts about their favourite things as we listen and enjoy their favourite music videos. Here are some personalities you can expect this month:


Deeper: CFCI

Premieres Mondays @ 08:30

Repeats: Mondays @ 20:30- Sundays @ 08:00

Apostle Mandlenkosi Collins Dlomo is the Senior Pastor and the leader of CFCI consisting of 21 churches. Join him on ONE Gospel as he ushers the word of God and strengthening one’s spiritual values.

The Fresh Hour with Ikiri Lawrence

Premieres Mondays @ 19:00

Repeats: Tuesdays @ 11:00- Saturdays @ 21:00

A showcase of all the videos debuting for the first time on ONE Gospel this week. Presenter also chats to guests about their latest offering.


Deeper: Hope Restoration Ministries

Premieres Tuesdays @ 06:00

Repeats: Tuesdays @ 17:30- Saturdays @ 15:00

Hope Restoration ministries message centres around excellence, discipline and hope amidst difficult circumstances. The TV ministry aims to bring out the untapped potential inside individuals and encouraging them to live their full potential as ordained by God.



Deeper: Restoration House

Premieres Tuesdays @ 08:30

Repeats: Tuesdays @ 20:30- Sundays @ 09:00

Restoration House is a Christ-centered, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled church that was established in  2009. Their foundational Scripture is “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you,” (Matthew 6:33); all their endeavors are built upon this principle. Believing that God’s Kingdom must be demonstrated “on earth as it is in heaven,” their congregation draws together people of all nations, gender, economic levels, ages, and religious backgrounds. Through Bible-centered preaching and teaching, prayer, practical ministry, and genuine relationships, Restoration House encourages and empowers people for the challenges of life.

Kingdom Hip Hop

Premieres: Tuesdays @ 09:00

Repeats: Wednesdays @ 00:00

Hip-hop and Gospel music’s finest artists including the likes of Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, Mary Mary, Deitrick Haddon, BeBe & CeCe Winans, etc. Join us in this hour of uplifting music

Feed Your Soul

Premieres: Tuesdays @ 16:00

Repeats: Saturdays @ 04:30

The Gospel Of with… Miranda Ntshangase

Premieres: Tuesdays @ 19:00

Repeats: Wednesdays @ 11:00- Saturday @ 14:00

A show where celebrities can tell the world about their relationship with Jesus. It’s a show where the story is more important than the set, the make-up and what others will think. It’s show about freedom, truth and God.

The Gospel of… holds nothing back. Our presenter, Miranda, goes deep in conversation with our celebrity guests about the reality and rawness of being a Christian. They talk about doubts and fears and peal back the layers of “perfect” Christianity.


House Of Prayer with Pastor Abe Sibiya

Premieres Wednesday @ 05:30

Repeats: Wednesdays @ 16:00

Take time out of your busy day and spend 15 minutes with Reverend Abe Sibiya as he leads you in a time of prayer and bible reading.

You can also submit your prayer requests for Abe and his Wednesday prayer team to pray for you. From Monday to Thursday the show closes with a music video sure to put you in the mood to pray while on Friday a guest joins Abe and together they dig a little deeper with the topic.


Deeper: Church On The Hill

Premieres Wednesdays @ 06:00

Repeats: Wednesday @ 17:30- Sunday @ 11:00

Get ready to praise and worship with Church One the Hill as they take you through a spiritual journey through their powerful and prophetic ministry.


Deeper: Diplomats Assembly

Premieres Wednesdays @ 08:30

Repeats: Wednesdays @ 20:30- Saturdays @ 19:00

Founded by Pastor Emmanuel Ogbechie whose life and ministry is characterized by a unique manifestation of the Holy spirit and an in-depth teaching and prophetic anointing. The central message of the ministry is to bring believers into a life of the manifested presence of God. Such that they would become carriers of God’s divine presence themselves and would become His divine representatives anywhere they find themselves and fulfill the great commission of preaching the gospel of the kingdom in all nations, with special emphasis on its power.

Gospel Classics

Premieres Wednesdays @ 09:00

Repeats: Thursdays @ 00:00

Enjoy a full hour of 1Gospel’s golden oldies music videos from artists like Jimmy Swaggart, Gaither Vocal Band, Booth Brothers, etc. as they sing timeless hymns and classic choruses.

Out and About…with Sebolelo Makoanyane

Premieres Wednesdays @ 19:00

Repeats: Thursdays @ 11:00- Saturday @ 19:30

Out and About is a lifestyle magazine show that keeps you up to date with activities on the Christian calendar. Everything from CD launches to behind the scenes recordings of the latest music videos. We’ll go into studio with popular musicians and let you know when our local stars are doing their part to build the community. As the name suggests, we’ll be Out and About so you can stay in.

Rivers Of Living Waters

Premieres Thursdays @ 06:00

Repeats: Thursdays @ 17:30- Sundays @ 10:00- Wednesday

Join Pastor Zondo every Thursday as he delivers powerful messages. as a Church RLW are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the total person; Spirit, Soul and Body; and to serve the community we live in by freely giving ourselves and our substance, while staying close to God by living a holistic life, and being sensitive to his Spirit through fervent prayer.

Deeper: Church In Glory

Premieres Thursdays @ 08:30

Repeats: Thursdays @ 20:30- Sundays @ 15:00

We’re taking church to another level! Church In Glory Ministries brings you a daily dose of inspirational biblical teachings, praise & worship in the comfort of your home.

1G Special

Premieres: Thursdays @ 09:00

Repeats: Fridays @ 00:00- Sundays @ 20:00

On 1G Special we play you DVD’s from your favourite artists with no ad breaks but just pure music.

Here is what you can expect this month:


Spirit Of Praise Vol.5                              26 Feb.

Morwesi                                     02 Mar.

Stand (Breakthrough) Part 1                    09 Mar.

Stand (Breakthrough) Part 2                    16 Mar.



331 Avenue


Premieres Thursdays @ 19:00

Repeats: Fridays @ 11:00- Saturday @ 00:00

331 Avenue is a live interactive talk/magazine/music show hosted by 2 TV presenters. 331 Avenue gives artists the opportunity to perform their latest songs and promote their up-coming album releases and tours.

Viewers are given the chance to ask the guest questions and send dedications via the telephone line, twitter and mobi sms.


Deeper: Burning Bush Ministries


Premieres Fridays @ 06:00

Repeats: Fridays @ 17:30- Sundays @ 17:00


Deeper: Jehova Reigns


Premieres Fridays @ 08:30

Repeats: Fridays @ 20:30- Sundays @ 19:00

Gifted in demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit alongside his preaching,

Apostle Dr. Nhlanhla Mabaso operates in a rare gift of precision prophecy and deliverance! He is an anointed preacher with a deeper revelation of the Word of God.


1G Rocks


Premieres Fridays @ 09:00

Repeats: Mondays @ 00:00

An hour of your favorite Rock and roll music videos from around the world, bringing you a combination of the rhythm, instruments, vocals, and attitude. The music that you, our viewers love.


My Absolute Favourite


Premieres Fridays @ 19:00

Repeats: Mondays @ 11:00- Saturdays @ 16:00

Ever wondered what your favourite artists do on a random day? What they eat, read and they absolute favourite dish? Well, join us on ‘My Absolute Favourite’ as artist share some of their absolute favourite things.





Premieres Saturdays @ 10:00

Repeats: Sundays @ 07:00

Arize is your one stop lifestyle magazine show that’s both informative and entertaining. Presented by two knowledgeable presenters who use their personality traits to deliver national & international news, the latest fashion threads and an update on what’s trending in the social spheres.


Front Row:


Premieres Saturday @ 20;00

Repeats: Sundays @ 16:00

Sitback, relax and enjoy as we take you to front rows on shows from around the world right in your living room. An hour dedicated to your favourite artist as they showcase their talents. Here is who’s on this Month:


07 Mar: Concord

14 Mar: Deitrick Haddon

21 Mar: Jason Crabb

28 Mar: Lufuno Dagada