An ordinary man with extraordinary powers


TROYThere is a new magician in town – TROY. Premiering this week on Discovery Channel (DStv 121), see below for more information and the full episode synopses for the 6 part series.



Troy may look like an ordinary 24-year-old, but he’s one of the UK’s most impressive newest magicians. In this brand new series, premiering on Wednesday 10, December from 20:00 on Discovery Channel (DStv 121), Troy will enthrall everyone he encounters by mixing urban style with streetwise patter, bringing his baffling abilities to the streets of London.

Combining genuine reactions and hidden cameras with his witty and charismatic presentational style, his illusions will draw from the maestro’s own life, offering an insight into his influences, background and character. From playing on people’s prejudices to paying back figures of authority, many of Troy’s tricks have a social purpose, getting under people’s skin without even knowing they are taking part in a magic number.

Over the course of the new six-episode series, the maverick magician astonishes a shop assistant with a glasses trick in Camden, dumbfounds a Chinese food stall holder with a bit of fortune cookie craziness and bamboozles a group of girls in an east London pub. When a passer-by offers to give Troy £5, he repays him in a way he and other lucky passers-by will never forget. In addition to featuring a new set of unique tricks, each episode will build to one truly spectacular illusion that will be performed in the series finale.

“My biggest dream is to keep the magic alive, popular and current,” said Troy. “When I perform there aren’t cameras and so people aren’t really focused on themselves and what they look like, it’s just an extraordinary experience that we’re sharing together.

Growing up in Lewisham, South London, Troy began performing magic to his mates and family at the age of 12. Impressed by his son’s enthusiasm and unprecedented talent, Troy’s dad enrolled him in the Magic Circle’s ‘Youth Initiative’ where he eventually landed the ‘Young Close-up Magician of the Year’ award.

Explore Troy’s world and watch in awe as he uses everyday objects and situations to amaze members of the public on Wednesday 10, December from 20:00 on Discovery Channel (DStv 121).

See below for full episode descriptions:

Episode 1

Meet Troy, a close up magician from the streets of South London. Today he heads to a Camden vintage store where he uses sunglasses to play tricks on an unsuspecting shop assistant.

Episode 2

En route to watch his beloved Arsenal, Troy uses a fan’s shirt and club badge to mesmerize him. Later, he heads to Brixton fish market where he achieves the seemingly impossible.

Episode 3

Troy visits the clothes shop he once worked at, where he performs some card tricks for former colleagues. Meanwhile, he tricks some visitors to a gallery using a tennis ball.

Episode 4

Troy amazes a group of girls waiting at a restaurant by making some soup magically appear. Plus, he uses his vast cap collection for his take on a classic trick.

Episode 5

During a shopping trip, Troy amazes some fellow shoppers by transforming a mannequin into a real human. Plus, during a visit to the pub, Troy can’t resist on performing some tricks.

Episode 6

In the series finale, we look back at some of Troy’s best tricks and watch in awe as he uses everyday objects and situations to baffle and amaze unsuspecting members of the public.

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