Part of Me Teasers – August 2015


part-of-mePart of Me Teasers – August 2015:  Coming up on Part of Me Teasers in August:
Premieres weekdays at 4.20pm from Monday 3rd August.

Monday, 3 August

Monica recognises the bracelet that Elena is wearing – it is the one that Gerardo tried to give her. Elena pretends to be sorry for wearing it.

Tuesday, 4 August

Gerardo offers to protect Monica – he believes that she is in danger. Diego arrives at the funeral home looking for Adriana.

Wednesday, 5 August

Diego reveals his true feelings to Monica and says that he felt jealous when he saw her with another man. Gerardo surprises Monica by kissing her.

Thursday, 6 August

Monica wants some space from Gerardo, and she resists his advances on her. Later, Monica sees Gerardo and Elena together.

Friday, 7 August

Monica sees Gerardo and Elena together and hears Elena saying that she killed her Aunt. Suddenly, Monica’s memory starts to come back.

Monday, 10 August

Elena wants to fire Monica from the house. Monica swears that she will make Elena and Gerardo pay for what they have done to her and her daughters.

Tuesday, 11 August

Monica has remembered that Gerardo and Elena murdered her. Monica has a plan to force Gerardo to reverse the will and last testament.

Wednesday, 12 August

Monica begins her plan to seduce Gerardo. Emiliana tells Monica what happened with the piano and how it scared everyone in the house.

Thursday, 13 August

Elena is confused about who has moved her doll. Monica overhears Elena talking to Lorena, and realises that Lorena knows that Elena killed Monica.

Friday, 14 August

Monica takes Adriana’s necklace from the safe, and with it, she begins to have flashbacks. She remembers the moment she met Adriana.

Monday, 17 August

In his dreams, Diego has a vision of Adriana, who tells him to find the pendant so that he will be able to find her. He remembers when she lost it.

Tuesday, 18 August

Diego tells Monica about his dream where she asked him to find the pendant. Monica discovers that Adriana’s soul is visiting Diego in his dreams.

Wednesday, 19 August

Monica looks in the mirror and sees Adriana’s soul in her reflection. It is asking Monica to return her body to her. Monica asks for Selma’s help.

Thursday, 20 August

Diego kisses Adriana and realises that she is not ‘his’ Adriana. Monica asks Adriana for more time in her body so that she can help her daughters.

Friday, 21 August

Selma talks to Diego and tells him that he will soon recover his Adriana and be reunited with her. Elena finds an intruder in the house.

Monday, 24 August

Gerardo tries again to win Monica’s affection, but she will not fall for this. Monica is planning to throw Elena a birthday party.

Tuesday, 25 August

Elena is haunted by the sound of her aunt’s voice wishing her Happy Birthday. She panics and leaves the celebrations and Gerardo tries to comfort her.

Wednesday, 26 August

Diego tells Rodrigo Adriana’s two personalities. She is living as Monica at the moment but he has to make her be Adriana again.

Thursday, 27 August

Monica enters the studio and finds Gerardo and Elena kissing. Gerardo is horrified that she has seen them together.

Friday, 28 August

Elena is shocked to find out that Monica has been playing the piano. She takes a gun and goes to investigate, but things do not go as she has planned.

Monday, 31 August

Gerardo wakes up in hospital and remembers everything that happened. Gerardo tells Elena that he doesn’t want to see her ever again.


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