Part of Me Teasers: November 2015


Soapie Teasers: Part of Me Teasers November 2015: Here is what to expect…

Monday, 2 November, Monica remembers Elena’s threats. Jorge is shocked by Elena’s actions, and Elena finds out that Jorge wants custody of Emiliana.

Tuesday, 3 November, Monica discovers the box of chocolates that Elena sent to Emiliana with a card saying they were from Monica- Elena is trying to poison Emiliana.

Wednesday, 4 November, Pachuco poisons Emiliana’s food. Monica threatens Elena and warns her that she will kill her if anything bad happens to Emiliana.

Thursday, 5 November, Emiliana starts to feel very unwell. Diego tells Monica that Pachuco might be involved in poisoning Emiliana. Gerardo and Elena have an argument.

Friday, 6 November, When Monica is close to Diego, she faints and Adriana’s spirit enters her body. Diego is overjoyed that Adriana is back. She is wearing her amulet.

Monday, 9 November, Emiliana wants to see Monica, but she is not in her body. Diego and
Adriana remember their love for one another, and Adriana doesn’t recognise anyone.

Tuesday, 10 November, Selma helps Adriana remember Monica. Diego tries to stop Pachuco from sneaking into Emiliana’s room and poisoning her. The piano begins to play.

Wednesday, 11 November, Selma explains to Adriana that Monica has left for good. She finds the video recording Monica left for Adriana and asks
her to watch it with Diego.

Thursday, 12 November, Adriana is moved to tears when she watches the video and Monica asks her to take care of her girls. Adriana surprises Emiliana at the hospital.

Friday, 13 November, Gerardo is angry because he doesn’t understand why Adriana is talking to him differently. Diego finds him acting aggressively towards her.

Monday, 16 November, Gerardo believes that Elena is responsible for everything that is happening. He decides that he doesn’t want anything to do with Monica anymore.

Tuesday, 17 November, Adriana realises that her soul is leaving her body again. Diego begs her to cling to her life and fight so that they can be together.

Wednesday, 18 November, Adriana asks Diego to help Monica so that she may return to him sooner. Elena and Gerardo announce that they want to get married.

Thursday, 19 November, Selma speaks to Monica’s soul and tells her to come back. Suddenly the body wakes up, but will it be with Monica or Adriana’s soul?

Friday, 20 November, Monica wakes up and asks for her daughter Emiliana. Diego is devastated that Adriana has gone. Elena discovers that Monica is with Emiliana.

Monday, 23 November, Elena is hysterical because Monica has come into the house uninvited. Gerardo defends Monica in front of everyone and Elena confronts him for it.

Tuesday, 24 November, Monica thanks Adriana for allowing her return to help her daughters. Monica confronts Gerardo about what he and Elena are plotting.

Wednesday, 25 November, Against her will, Gerardo kisses Monica. He tells her that he is marrying Elena to protect her and the girls from Elena.

Thursday, 26 November, Elena arrives at the wedding accompanied by Jorge. Everyone at the ceremony is in shock, especially Gerardo. Gerardo and Elena are finally married.

Friday, 27 November, Elena is hysterical when she hears the piano playing. Elena swears that she will get revenge on Monica by hurting Emiliana.

Monday, 30 November, Lorena tells Jorge that Elena might be his biological daughter. Emiliana has to visit the doctor with Elena and Marta.


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