Part of Me Teasers – September 2015


Part of Me Teasers – September 2015: Here is what to expect….

Tuesday, 1 September

Diego searches for a job at the mansion so he can work near Monica. When Elena asks him why he is there, Diego introduces himself as the new gardener.

Wednesday, 2 September

Gerardo insists that Elena must travel to Napa to speak to Carlos. Gerardo wants to know how Monica found out that Elena shot him.

Thursday, 3 September

Adriana tries to get back into Monica’s body. Monica tells Adriana that she must set things right before giving Adriana her body and her life back.

Friday, 4 September

Monica is upset because she will soon have to part from her daughters. Gerardo
tells Elena that everything he is selling is registered in his name.

Monday, 7 September

Jennifer tells Gabriel that she is pregnant. Emiliana tells Monica that she knows Diego is in love with her, but she too has feelings for him.

Tuesday, 8 September

Jorge shows Monica a picture of her and Gerardo and asks her what is going on between them. He wants to know if her and Gerardo are having an affair.

Wednesday, 9 September

Diego finds a way to access the secret room from the other side of the house. He finds Monica there, and she drops the pendant in surprise.

Thursday, 10 September

Diego talks to Monica and asks her to remember their relationship in the past. They start to kiss but Gerardo walks in and sees them.

Friday, 11 September

Elena tells Gerardo that Diego is Monica’s lover. Monica promises to make who is responsible pay for what they did to her and her daughters.

Monday, 14 September

Monica advises Camila to trust Jorge and look for his support. Diego listens to a conversation between Elena and her mother in the secret room.

Tuesday, 15 September

Gerardo prepares a surprise for Monica. Gerardo offers to transfer all of Monica’s assets to Elena if she agrees that they separate.

Wednesday, 16 September

Marta and Susana accidentally cover the door that Diego used to enter the house and the secret room and lock him in. Gerardo takes Monica sailing.

Thursday, 17 September

Monica is angry because Gerardo doesn’t want to return to Los Angeles, but she must go back to see Camila and Emiliana.

Friday, 18 September

Monica decides that she will make Gerardo and Elena confront each other. She wants them to turn on each other and confess everything.

Monday, 21 September

Monica has found out who her murderer was. Elena hears the piano playing and goes to see who is playing it, but a surprise is waiting for her.

Tuesday, 22 September

Elena threatens to kill Monica Serrano’s daughters, leaving Monica desperate to protect them. Elena wants revenge on the piano player.

Wednesday, 23 September

Elena continues fabricating lies to Camila. She has edited photos and tells Camila that her mother Monica was unfaithful to her father.

Thursday, 24 September

Monica tries to make Gerardo confess to his crime. Elena is furious, she would rather see him dead than with another woman.

Friday, 25 September

Elena lies to Gerardo promising that she will leave, and sets a trap for him. She has hired men to attack him, and he cannot escape.

Monday, 28 September

Gerardo confronts Elena because he knows she ordered the beating on him. Elena asks Gerardo to stay until they have finalised the sale of the company.

Tuesday, 29 September

Elena invites everyone round for dinner. She has some big news to share, and Gerardo can’t believe it. Elena threatens to incriminate Gerardo.

Wednesday, 30 September

Camila is outraged by Elena’s announcement, and her and Emiliana demand to know if Elena and Gerardo betrayed their mother while she was alive.


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