Pit Fighter (Year 2005)


Pit Fighter (Year 2005)Pit Fighter (Year 2005)

GENRE:  MOVIE (Foreign)

In the brutal world of Mexican pit fighting, every brawl could be your last, and even if you do win there’s no guarantee of survival. Few fighters can claim the endurance of mysterious pit-fighting champion Jack, and though he may have no memory of his past that certainly doesn’t hold him back from becoming one of the most formidable fighters that the underworld has ever seen. As his shadowy past is slowly illuminated by the growing recollections of the unsavory characters who populate this sordid universe, Jack soon begins to realize that his past may be returning with a vengeance, and it may take every ounce of strength and courage to see the dawn of another day. Cast: Dominiquie Vandenberg, Steven Bauer, Fernando Carrillo, Steven Graham, Stana Katic. Directed by Jesse V. Johnson.

Pit Fighter airs on SABC 1 on Friday 13 February at 22h00 – 00h00