Skeem Saam: Poor Rachel may find herself in the street


In the last two episode on Skeem Saam, Rachel’s uncles went to the Gauteng University to fetch her and vowed that she will no longer attend the university.

However, in the yesterday’s episode, the uncles seemed to have reversed their decision and allow her to go back to finish her studies.

Rachel’s sin was to blackmail Sakhile, a move that was believed to be embarrassing to the family. She however confesses that she blackmailed Sakhile so that she can have cash.

Now, here is the dilemma, Sis Ouma wants another student to move in with Enhle since she was informed that Rachel will no longer come back. If they find her replacement at the residence before she returns, how will the poor Kunutu girl survives? Do you think she will resort to blackmail Sakhile again so that she can be able to pay a rent, or perhaps start dating blessers again for her survival at the expensive vasity life?

General, what do you think of her uncles’ actions?