Push-ups keep Mmatema Moremi’s body in good shape


She is so energetic, what could be the reason? The reason is her personal trainer.

Mmatema Moremi has a personal trainer that provides a lesson or two on how best to keep her body in good shape and how to not gain weight.

In sharing her secret with her fans since they have been asking her how she lost weight, Mmatema says she has reduced her kilos because of an excercise.

“Today I reveal the secret;personal trainer. You can get one too, he comes to you whereever you are and at a good price” says Mmatema.

On a video she posted on Instagram, Mmatema was seen managing to kill five push-ups, getting motivation probably from her personal trainer.

She tweeted that, “Don’t be hating on your girl when she has a tight core and firm bum lol”