Queen of Hearts Teasers – August 2015


queen-of-heartQueen of Hearts Teasers – August 2015 – Coming up on Queen of Hearts in August:
Premieres weekdays at 5.10pm from Monday 3rd August.

Monday, 3 August

Bolivar reveals to Cristian that he knows all about his romance with Camila and that he was an accomplice in his wife’s murder.

Tuesday, 4 August

Reina is kidnapped while she is on the way to the clinic. Victor tries to find her, but the chip he implanted in her isn’t working.

Wednesday, 5 August

Victor finds the place that Reina is being held and goes to find her. Bolivar also tries to save her, but is seriously injured by Victor.

Thursday, 6 August

A month has gone by and Bolivar is nowhere to be found; Smith continues the search. Estefania demands to have the red diamond from Victor.

Friday, 7 August

Victor and Estefania go to the store where the diamond was sold, but they are soon captured. Victor suspects that Bolivar has organised this.

Monday, 10 August

Greta’s doctor informs the family that Greta’s operation was a success and that she did not lose the child she was expecting.

Tuesday, 11 August

Connie is attacked while she is asleep and the diamond is stolen from her. Reina confronts Javier about the surveillance cameras in his house.

Wednesday, 12 August

Cristian tells Victor about the red diamond that Connie was hiding. He lies to Victor and says that it was Isidro who stole the diamond.

Thursday, 13 August

Greta’s health is deteriorating, and so Victor tells the doctor to save Greta even if it means losing the baby. Greta is angry to hear him say this.

Friday, 14 August

Greta falls into a deep coma, and Victor tells everyone that she has lost the baby. The
doctor tells Estefania that Greta will not recover.

Monday, 17 August

Smith confronts Patricio for protecting Estefania. Javier asks Jackie to do a DNA test – he wants to know if he is Clarita’s father.

Tuesday, 18 August

Reina reveals to Javier that Clara is his daughter. Later, Boris tells Javier that Reina was the traitor and she will be killed.

Wednesday, 19 August

Javier informs Reina that Clara is not his daughter, she is not Victor’s daughter either. Victor orders his men to beat Javier up.

Thursday, 20 August

Patricio asks Estefania to change the DNA test results so that Javier is not revealed to be Clara’s father. Reina wants to know
who Clara’s father is.

Friday, 21 August

Javier receives a threatening message demanding money in exchange for Reina. Javier does not accept this and tries to stop Reina from being killed.

Monday, 24 August

Javier goes looking for Reina and Clarita. Jackie finds two diamonds in a very unusual place. Victor’s grandmother makes a revelation to Victor.

Tuesday, 25 August

Reina discovers that she is pregnant – but she does not know if the child is Javier’s or Victor’s. The two red diamonds are stolen.

Wednesday, 26 August

Jackie suspects that Estefania was the one who ordered the diamonds to be stolen. Reina and Javier make up, but their lives are in danger.

Thursday, 27 August

The body of the Intelligence Agency agent is found with the mark of the diamond on it. Jackie thinks there might be more than one diamond bracelet.

Friday, 28 August

Patricio explains how he betrayed everyone by altering Clarita’s DNA test – but he did this to save the investigations of the Intelligence Center.

Monday, 31 August

Jackie tells Victor that another body has been found with the same diamond marking as the others. Whoever did it has the same diamond bracelet as him.


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