Queen of Hearts Teasers – September 2015


Queen of Hearts Teasers – September 2015: Here is what to expect…

Tuesday, 1 September

Victor wants to kill Estefania because she is using a murdering diamond bracelet just like his. Estefania asks Victor to gather all four diamonds.

Wednesday, 2 September

Victor’s grandmother reveals to Estefania and Victor that she killed Pilar. Later, Victor finds his grandmother dead in the swimming pool.

Thursday, 3 September

Victor is in danger of being killed because he is suspected of killing Pilar. Victor is afraid for Greta’s life.

Friday, 4 September

Reina continues distrusting Patricio. Victor tells Estefania and Susana about his plan to stop Greta from going to jail: they should fake her death.

Monday, 7 September

Javier wants to kill Estefania, and he demands that Estefania tells him the reason why she told Reina that Nicolas was dead.

Tuesday, 8 September

Patricio tells Javier and Smith that all the evidence they had against Estefania was fake. Javier knows that Patricio is lying to him.

Wednesday, 9 September

Someone leaves a sinister surprise for Reina to find. There is a Queen of Diamonds card accompanying it with a message for Reina.

Thursday, 10 September

Victor finds out that Reina is pregnant. Javier arrives at Reina’s house to find Reina in a critical condition and at risk of losing the baby.

Friday, 11 September

Javier and Reina are shocked to find out that Lopez’s body has been found in the place where they were holding Clarita hostage.

Monday, 14 September

Victor is kidnapped by a woman called ‘La Cobra’. She tells him that if he wants to escape, he needs to find the four red diamonds.

Tuesday, 15 September

La Cobra arrives in Las Vegas to demand the delivery of the four red diamonds from Victor. Jackie and Patricio have an intimate encounter.

Wednesday, 16 September

Cristian knows La Cobra. Javier puts Estefania in a psychiatric facility and gives strict instructions that no one is allowed to visit her.

Thursday, 17 September

Estefania tries to escape from the psychiatric hospital. In the attempt to escape, she is shocked to find Octavio de Rosas in one of the rooms.

Friday, 18 September

Estefania is shocked to see Octavio de Rosas alive because she knows that she killed and buried him. Estefania finds a way to escape from hospital.

Monday, 21 September

A doctor questions Estefania about Octavio de Rosas, but she refuses to tell him anything. Javier watches everything in the surveillance cameras.

Tuesday, 22 September

Patricio is suspicious when Javier tells him that he is not responsible for Estefania’s disappearance. Estefania wants to know how Octavio met Smith.

Wednesday, 23 September

Victor calls Reina and tells her that he already knows that Javier is a secret agent. Estefania convinces Octavio to run away with her.

Thursday, 24 September

Alicia threatens that she will kill Connie if Isidro tells Victor that she has the diamonds. Estefania tries to escape from the psychiatric hospital.


Friday, 25 September

Javier is suspicious of Estefania, and questions whether she is responsible for the assassination attempts against Reina. Asuncion makes a discovery.


Monday, 28 September

Estefania has a plan to escape the psychiatric hospital with Octavio. Juan Jose arrives at the hospital to look for Susana.

Tuesday, 29 September

Patricio receives anonymous messages about Asuncion’s whereabouts. Reina falls into a trap and is kidnapped by the same person who kidnapped Asuncion.

Wednesday, 30 September

Javier finally arrives at the place that Reina and Asuncion are being kept as hostages, but is he too late to save them?

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