Rands with Sense helps South Africans rise against the odds


Mmarona Kgwele cA new season of Rands with Sense is back on SABC2 screens from Monday 16 March at 12:00 for 26 weeks. Good news is that the financial literacy show is now an hour long.

Hosting the financial management and debt show is beautiful and vibrant Mmarona Kgwele. She helps South Africans to unpack different financial terms; topics include among many the real cost of debt for the love of money, debt affects us all and rising against all odds and other themes.

Rands with Sense follows South Africans from different walks of life who share their stories on TV; stories of those who managed to rise despite how little money they had. The show is presented in Sesotho and includes Afrikaans, IsiZulu, Venda, Tsonga and Ndebele.

The show features financial experts, a life coach, psychologist and debt counsellors who work tirelessly with different South Africans who are on the show; they help guide them on how to manage their financial status and those in deep debt to find ways of how they can repay their debtors and survive with the little they have.

To add on the show, there is a segment presented by a disabled person who challenges people living with disability to get out of their comfort zones and start working towards their finances.

Rands with Sense also touches on how situations beyond our control, inflation, interest fluctuations, the repo rate, basic goods shortages and the international money values can affect us in areas of our lives; health, society, suburbs, pockets, emotional wellbeing, relationships and yes our future.