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randswithsenselogoRands with Sense – SABC2 Mondays at 12h00 – Synopsis of each episode

The real cost of debt. 16th March

In this episode we examine the impact debt has on our health, relationships, productivity at work, good name, self-worth and our quality of life. No wonder some experts say that debt is our worst poverty!

Debt ridden at twenty! 23rd March

In his first job Gerald Ramoabi is solicited by advertisers to make debt. When he loses his job at the tender age of 20, he faces debt of R30 000! Our experts get him to accept the consequences of his ways and to start creating a better life for himself based on a sound financial footing.

Habits that hinder our financial growth … 30th March

Smoking, drinking, gambling, watching porn or gambling online can affect our finances severely. In this episode we examine how seemingly bad habits can become addictions that can cripple us for life financially.

Rising above ... 6th April

We feature the inspirational story of young Toka’s Hlongwane, who against all odds is busy making a success of his life. Our experts help him cement his future by showing him how to stay focused, committed and to budget and save sensibly.

How grand a funeral..? 13th April

In this episode we look at reasons why people want to spend so much money on funerals, even taking out loans. We offer ways in which to control finances in the time of tragic loss and grief while focusing on the spiritual message of the event, rather than the show-off social value associated with it.

Squandering can wreck your relationships! 20th April

With each of his three children’s birth, Nigel Opperman made debt to afford the new responsibility but with each loan, he squandered some of the money. This pattern continued until his wife left him. He has no savings, no house and no car and isn’t paying any of his debt but is taking care of his children financially. Can we help him to learn how to manage his finances and become responsible?

How to sell yourself. 27th April

In this episode we look at ways in which you can secure a job and ‘sell yourself’ in general albeit getting a bank overdraft, presenting your services to buyers. Unemployment is a reality and being able to job hunt – or sell your products – is crucial to your success and ultimate financial freedom.

Designer dreams come true. 4th May

Mashadi Mothlabi always dreamt of being a fashion designer but she had to stop her studies due to lack of money. For some time afterwards, requiring money forced her to work at regular jobs. She did not stop dreaming (and doing) and today she is making a living from fashion designing and has become a well-known events deejay. Her inspiring story proves that dreams come true.


Getting an education at what cost? 11th May

In this episode we look at how the lack of money impacts on student’s lives. We speak to speak to experts and parents to get different points of view regarding working at that age for extra cash and interview young entrepreneurs who are already on the road to financial success while still studying.


Is the future a family affair? 18th May

At 29 years of age, Themba Mtsali still lives with his sister, Phili, who has taken care of him since their mother died 15 years ago. Phili feels that Themba is sponging off her and is not interested in managing his finance wisely. Although he is busy paying off debt, she feels he squanders what is left over every month. She wants him to become sensible with money, become financially independent and move on with his life.


The real cost of parenting. 25th May

We look at how raising a child can impact on parent’s finances from the most basic of expenses for food, shelter and clothing, to education and beyond. We bring home the sobering thought of responsible parenting.

Don’t follow the dream, chase it! 1st June

What drives a person to defy the odds and manage to create financial security and quality of life for themselves? Former car guard-turned-successful businessman Vusi Kunene shares his passion for entrepreneurship and mentoring and inspiring would-be entrepreneurs. Despite being born with cerebral palsy, Masingita Masunga became a successful media personality and businesswoman.

The big solution … entrepreneurship! 8th June

Entrepreneurship holds the potential to alleviate poverty by holding the promise of profits, employment, social upliftment and further education and training. We look at how entrepreneurs contribute to society and what (or who) lies behind their success.

How much more? 15th June

For Fazilla Bux it all started when their family home burn down in 2003 causing them to lose all they had. When her husband died, she also lost their business. At 51 she battles to find a job, creditors hound her daily while she is trying to do business with family. However all is not going well and she was even recently arrested for misappropriating funds. Can our experts help her?


For the love of money 22nd June

Many of us love to spend money that we don’t have on stuff that we don’t need and it has become one of our favourite pastimes, a pastime that can eventually cause a lot of stress and heartache. Today we examine this love for money and why we love to spend it on luxuries.

A village raises a child … 29th June

Single mum and domestic worker Vanessa Oormeyer is trapped in a co-dependent relationship with her employer. He pays her a small salary but takes care of her young child financially in the best possible way. Vanessa wants to improve her life but it will entail changing jobs which will mean moving out of the employer’s house, taking her daughter out of the best school and luxury home and into the ‘hoods of Cape Town where gangsterism and drugs rule. What is this mother’s choice?

 It affects us all! 6th July

In this episode we look at how financial situations beyond our control (such as inflation, interest fluctuations, the repo rate, basic goods shortages and the international money values) can affects us in all areas of our lives – our health, our society, our suburbs, our pockets, our emotional wellbeing, our relationships and yes, our future.

What price happiness? 13th July

In this episode we meet Josiah Sekati – a father and husband whose marriage is facing severe strain because this family of five has to rent one room in which to live. He is unable to get a home loan even though he has a good and stable job as he is blacklisted. He has turned to loan sharks, getting further into financial trouble and making a home loan virtually impossible, adding even more strain on his marriage. Can we help this family to regain some happiness?


Living on hope. 20th July

In this episode we look at how foreigners, who come to South Africa in the hope of a better future, survive financially. It is hard for them to get a job, to open bank accounts, to make a living, to find accommodation and to be accepted into a new society. We share information on how to come to grips with the necessary paperwork and how to integrate themselves financially into a new society by making a concerted contribution to the wellbeing of all.

Too good to be true! 27th July

They say if it’s too good to be true, then it is not true. We look at various ways in which the consumer gets scammed by quick rich schemes (that invariably fail) and other scams devised to relieve us of money like phishing, credit card cloning and the like. We speak to experts who explain how we can protect ourselves against these financial perpetrators.


Too late to help? 3rd Aug.

In this episode we look at two different men from different backgrounds in similar conflicts: being the breadwinner for large families and cracking under the financial and subsequent emotional strain. How they handle their problems will be familiar to many: they both fled from their problems … one by escaping into alcohol and the other by just not arriving for appointments with experts.

Every cent counts! 10 Aug.

Here we offer viewers the best money-saving tips possible. We give them tips on saving on everyday expenses like clothes, utilities, food, transport, saving as a parent or student, saving on special events like parties, weddings, holidays, travelling and saving for the future comparing loans vs. savings, different types of savings accounts and saving for retirement.


Determined to succeed! 17 Aug.

Today we focus on the inspirational journey of Babalwa Manyati who determinedly followed a career path from being a domestic worker to becoming a police officer and who saved and worked cleverly with her income until she could afford to buy her own house. She shares her story with us. We also take a look at domestic workers who survive from payday to payday and who are often the target for loan sharks and retailers offering debt.


Know you rights! 24 Aug.

In this episode, we highlight all the rights that consumers have with reference to their credit record, their consumer credit rights, their rights to employment, their legal rights that are violated and they are not aware of it, their rights to refuse deals offered, their legal and financial rights within marriage and other relationships, their rights with regards to credit life insurance, their rights of negotiation in debt matters, their rights to legal representation when they cannot afford it.


Retirement survivors 31 Aug.

Here we will feature the success story of Mr Adams, Emo Adams’ father who is a survivor or many hardships and now a community leader and not a poor retired person. We also feature Jenny Coetzer, a lady in retirement age who tackled her depression and feelings of worthlessness by finding a job in her sixties. She now thrives by taking care of seriously disabled children.


How did it end? 7 Sept.

In this episode we feature previous guests we had on season one. Could the Lebenyas stick to their budget and maintain harmony in their home? Did Thabisa downsize? Could Anne Siroky arrange terms with her creditors? And did Sharon Rhode start her studies at university?