Reality TV to the rescue for struggling brides


CURVY BRIDESIt’s reality TV to the rescue for struggling brides on TLC Entertainment this month

Today, weddings have become more than just a union of man and wife. Every bride wants to be unique and create memories that will last a lifetime. Sometimes it seems impossible to start planning and many women struggle when it comes to the details. To help, this month, TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) is gearing up to provide today’s bride with inspiration for her most important decision – the dress. Be sure to catch new and exciting programming in the channel’s ‘Wedding Season’ themed month.

The new reality show, Bride By Design follows Heidi Elnora, an exclusive wedding dress designer and Project Runway alum. Join Heidi as she invites viewers into her bridal shop to experience what it takes to create her custom gowns from start to finish.  The series follows Heidi as she sketches, sews and fits each customised gown to match the personalities of each bride-to-be.

Instead of having brides pick from racks of existing gowns, Bride By Design walks viewers through the custom-wedding-dress design process alongside Heidi and a real bride.

“Seeing how happy the brides are at the end of the day, for me, that’s why I do my job. I do my job to bring joy to a woman and to make a woman so beautiful,” said Heidi.

With behind-the-scenes surprises along the way, each week viewers get an inside look at Heidi and her dedicated team as they design and create one-of-a-kind gowns for one-of-a-kind brides. Don’t miss the premiere of Bride By Design on Sunday, 21 June at 18:10.

Following shortly after, is the premiere of the brand new series, Curvy Brides also on Sunday, 21 June at 19:05. The series follows Yukia Walker along with her sister Yuneisia Harris on their quest to help women of every shape to seamlessly slip into the gown of their dreams.

After having trouble finding a designer gown to fit her curvy figure for her own wedding, Yukia and her sister established their store, Curvaceous Couture.

“The first thing I did when I got engaged was start making appointments at local bridal salons and I was not expecting to have any issues, but I got to the salon and I did absolutely nothing, my sister who was a size 8 at that time was having to try on the wedding gowns for me, I had no clue what I should wear, what would work well on my body shape and I ended up with a disaster of a wedding gown. Yuneisia and I just decided then that we didn’t want any brides to ever experience that again,” explained Yukia.

On a typical day, Yukia and Yuneisia meet with clients whose shapes vary from apple- and pear-shaped to triangle and square. There is no single shape that defines “plus-size bridal”. The sisters carry a variety of dresses in the most classic and popular shapes to suit every body type.

In addition to greeting and meeting brides, Curvy Brides also follows Yukia and Yuneisia as they work with bridal designers’ representatives to choose new gowns for their store, which requires them to weigh the latest trends against their budget and clients’ most requested styles – it’s all in a day’s work for these busy sisters!

For more wedding gown advice, also catch back-to-back shows with Randy’s Wedding Rescue – Chicago (Season 2) on Sunday, 14 June at 18:10 and Say Yes To The Dress: The Big Day Updated (Episode 2) at 19:05.