Rhythm City gets a new villain


seputlaYou’ve seen him play a villain before but with his character, Solomon, Seputla Sebogodi is in his element. Watch him on Rhythm City weekdays at 6:30PM.

Seputla Sebogodi became a household name through his character, Nkusheng. He went on to play iconic characters in shows like Suburban Bliss and Generations. In the latter, where he played a villain, he embodied a character that was loathed and loved. From tomorrow night, Seputla transforms into what is set to be yet another iconic character: Solomon on Rhythm City. We caught up with the actor…..

Tell us about your character.

Solomon took money that he made in the apartheid era and made something of himself. Now that he’s here, my sixth sense is telling me that the future is not going to be palatable for those around him. There’s an eruption waiting to happen. He’s also into younger girls, and I’m talking high school-young. I might be wrong but we’ll see.

How does Solomon fare compared to the other characters you’ve played?

Solomon is more dangerous. The other characters that I played don’t get their hands dirty, but Solomon is the kind of guy who will kill another guy if he wants to. He’s like a smiling killer.

Most of your scenes are with the Dandalas. What’s it like acting alongside Dumisani Mbebe (who plays Doc) and Hlubi Mboya (Thandeka)?

I’ll give you an analogy: if you play for Orlando Pirates and they give you good players to play alongside, then you’ll always bring you’re A-game on the soccer pitch. Working with talent like Dumisani and Hlubi is an honour for me.

So, I take it you’re a Pirates fan then?

I always say there are only two teams in the world: Orlando Pirates and everyone else.

You’ve starred in a major soap and other TV shows. What made you want to come back to soapie land?

When you are called by a reputable soapie such as Rhythm City, it can only be fair to honour the invitation and be a part of it.

What’s it like being on the Rhythm City set?

It’s been wonderful so far. I’m the kind of actor who likes to be told what to do. It’s like a baby – what you feed and tell the baby is what the baby will do. How Rhythm City works is how I prefer to work. They are open to suggestions and it shows they care about the brand. I love the writing on the show because it’s the language of people on the streets.

You act in film and television as well as on stage. Which do you enjoy the most? 

I’m an actor – give me any role and I will be fine. Barney Simon always said if you are an actor, you have to be like white paint because any other paint will match with white.

You also have a budding gospel music career. What’s new on that front?

I’ll be releasing my third album, Buya. I also re-recorded my first album. I don’t think I did justice to that first album when it came out but now it sounds how I want it to. It’s called Nkukeng Morena Reloaded.

What else can we look out for from you?

The Story Which I’m About To Tell, which is a play I performed in London about five years ago might resurface and my son and I are trying to organise a two-hander next year. Watch this space.

Watch Seputla Sebogodi on Rhythm City at 6:30PM and at 7PM weekdays from 2 March. 

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Source: e.tv