Sacred Ties of Feb 2016: Shankar traps Ajit by recording him in secret


A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Sacred Ties Zee World during the month of February 2016. Be sure to tune in to Sacred Ties on Zee World every weekday to see how everything plays out.

The advocate refuses to continue with the divorce of Manav and Archana .

Archana goes for a job interview.

Sachin’s scholorship gets accepted.

Savita threatens to leave if Manav doesn’t sign the divorce papers.

Manav’s loan application gets accepted but something terrible takes place.

Satish steps in and defends Archana from Savita’s false accusations.

Archana pours out her heart to Manav.

Bhavna takes a marriage proposal to Sunanda and Manohar.

Shankar traps Ajit by recording him in secret.

Archana reads that Manav and his family are in jail but the real question is who is responsible for it.

Archana and Varsha find out who is behind it all.

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