Saloni Teasers for December 2015: Mano discovers Abhi real identity


Saloni Teasers for December 2015: The upcoming Saloni (Soapie Teasers for Saloni: December 2015) episodes will features Chandni, Dev, Padam Singh, Kaveri, Saloni, Pia, Mano, Abhi, Brijesh, Nahar, Shridhar and other popular characters. Listed below is Saloni Teasers for December 2015…

Tuesday 1st December – Thursday 31 December 2015

The secret has finally been revealed as Chandni tells her father the truth about her and Dev in front of everyone.

Padam Singh is arrested and the family finally get back what rightfully belongs to them.

Kaveri suspects that Samar and his company vice president are having an affair.

Saloni can see that Pia is hiding something and she decides to investigate.

Kaveri losses her child after being in an accident. Mano discovers Abhi real identity.

Kaveri is on a mission to expose Mano to Abhi so he finally learns the truth.

Brijesh and Nahar stand up to Shridhar to protect their sister.

Brijesh confesses to the family that everything happened because of Saloni.

Pia hands in her letter resignation.

Saloni is on Zee World (Dstv Channel 166) Mondays to Fridays at 18h00.