Scandal Teasers (9-13 July 2018): Romeo pulls a fast one over a new enemy & Wesley is set up

Romeo (played by Hungani Ndlovu)

Scandal (etv) teasers and updates for the week of 9 July 2018 through; 13 July 2018 teases that a young rogue solicits an old enemy to help him discredit a new one, but ends up discrediting himself. A mother is deeply offended when a drastic accusation is made against her son, and crushed when another one is made against her. A wife’s imagination finally boils over and leads to a fiery confrontation with a loved one.

Tuesday 10 July 2018
Episode 3080

Romeo pulls a fast one over a new enemy who in turn also pulls one over Romeo. Wesley is set up, and Phindile suspects that someone is gossiping about her.

Wednesday 11 July 2018
Episode 3081

Romeo unwittingly tips his hand to a dangerous enemy.  A connection that previously only sparked now catches fire.  The face behind an arrest is a surprising one.

Thursday 12 July 2018
Episode 3082

A moment of temptation between a man and a woman is witnessed by someone else who worries that only heartache and destruction will come from this attraction. An employer does his best to allay his employees’ fears. A husband tries to convince his wife that he is not having an affair.

Friday 13 July 2018
Episode 3083

A son betrays a mother so his master plan can remain on course.  A son confesses to his father that he falsely accused someone of a serious crime.  A wife realises that her husband has feelings for another woman.