‘Scandal!’ Teasers (April 18-22, 2016)


A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on SCANDAL! during the week of April 18-22, 2016. Be sure to tune in to Scandal! every weekday to see how everything plays out.


Monday 18 April 2016
Episode 2499          

Thembeka realises that she is on very thin ice and vows to do everything she can to prevent that ice from breaking. Scelo crosses a line into taboo but highly enjoyable territory with Phumla. Gloria cuts corners, which results in a nasty surprise for Ndumiso.

Tuesday 19 April 2016
Episode 2500   

Thembeka is determined to put on a brave front but some unexpected news dents that front almost immediately. Scelo hears something which arouses the green-eyed monster in him. Ndumiso’s joy at a positive development is somewhat dimmed by a sneaky plan.

Wednesday 20 April 2016
Episode 2501 

Naledi has to make up a major lie on the spur of the moment and the police arrive at NFH on a very specific mission. Scelo tries to assuage his guilt and unwittingly ends up making matters worse. Ndumiso makes a promise which is soon revealed to be one he could never have been sure of keeping.

Thursday 21 April 2016
Episode 2502          

Dintle has a memory which helps the authorities, but is not at all helpful to Thembeka. Scelo is forced to hide in order to avoid incurring the disappointment of someone dear to him. Gloria’s attempt to save a situation works out to her detriment, but to the advantage of others.

Friday 22 April 2016
Episode 2503          

Mangi is quickly shut down when he tries to interrogate someone, and Gloria unwittingly provides some useful evidence for the criminal case against a friend. Phumla is fearful of what photographs could reveal to the world. Gontse believes that things are finally looking up until she receives some distressing news.

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