Scandal! Teasers February 2017 Episodes

Soapie Teasers for Scandal! February 2016


etv: Scandal! Teasers February 2017 Episodes – Upcoming ‘etv’s soapie drama ‘Scandal!’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for February 2017.

So, what will happen this February on ‘Scandal!’?

Wednesday 1 February 2017
Episode 2706    

Yvonne withdraws an invitation and Siseko is sorely tempted to cross a line he’s never crossed before. Phindile has to agree to a meeting which neither she nor several other people are very happy about. Stokkies has an ‘out there’ plan which garners some support.

Thursday 2 February 2017
Episode 2707    

Siseko wavers in the face of a strongly motivated argument, and Yvonne wavers when she is confronted with a tempting offer. Phindile misconstrues a conversation. Stokkies is on a roll, but thwarts a colleague’s attempts to join him on it.

Friday 3 February 2017
Episode 2708    

Yvonne is determined not to be swayed from her course of action, and Siseko knows he’s run out of options. Phindile attempts to allay Zinzile’s fears. Stokkies’s first attempt at a new business idea is met with some challenges.

Monday 6 February 2017
Episode 2709  

Siseko’s conscience is sorely troubled, and Yvonne receives an unexpected and unnerving warning. Phindile makes a new start which surprises someone. Stokkies discovers he has a rival.

Tuesday 7 February 2017
Episode 2710 

Someone from Damon’s past makes some very unnerving claims to the women in his life. Phindile is rescued from a bad situation by a knight in shining armour. Stokkies finds out that counting is not his strong point.

Wednesday 8 February 2017
Episode 2711  

Neo makes an astonishing declaration and arrives at a desperate decision. Two people lie to themselves about the future. It’s game on for a pair of colleagues and rivals.

Thursday 9 February 2017
Episode 2712 

The wedding of the year turns into a disaster. A pair of lovers makes a defining decision about the future. Chantal is concerned that someone close to her may be upset by an unexpected response.

Friday 10 February 2017
Episode 2713  

Yvonne finds herself at a place she thought she would never see again and someone who loves her is non-committal about coming to her rescue. Phindile is the unknowing object of an instant crush. Stokkies is only seeing the positives in his new venture, which worries Chantal.

Monday 13 February 2017
Episode 2714       

Mangi and Dintle are thrilled by a signing off and it is made clear to Yvonne that she will have to fend for herself for now. Ndumiso agrees to do something which he knows could be very dangerous. Stokkies decides to turn a disappointment to his advantage.

Tuesday 14 February 2017
Episode 2715    

Layla’s feelings about a family member are increasingly conflicted and Mangi arrives home from work to a big surprise. Ndumiso knows he should be doing one thing, but finds himself doing exactly the opposite. Stokkies discovers that doing something consciously is a lot harder than doing it unconsciously.

Wednesday 15 February 2017
Episode 2716 

Mangi is surprised to find himself pleased by a request and Yvonne throws herself on the mercy of someone she’d rather not.  Phindile and Ndumiso have painful dates with other people.  Stokkies is determined to make the best of a situation.

Thursday 16 February 2017
Episode 2717  

Yvonne has to eat humble pie, and a new arrival raises a very disturbing question. Ndumiso is thrown when he discovers that a situation has been kept from him.  An aspiring businessman moves forward with new purpose, and a feud is put to bed.

Friday 17 February 2017
Episode 2718

Dintle decides to resort to a very painful solution in order to solve a difficult dilemma. A date is the cause of disappointment, jealousy and anger. Mary is there to bolster a friend whose confidence has taken a knock.

Monday 20 February 2017
Episode 2719            

Mangi has a terrible suspicion which prompts him to take extreme action.  Ndumiso is faced with the reality of having to keep all his balls in the air.  Mary refuses to take Lindiwe’s place.

Tuesday 21 February 2017
Episode 2720 

Dintle is confronted with proof which she knows she will be unable to refute. Ndumiso finds himself battling with both his personal and professional lives. Mary makes a surprising decision.

Wednesday 22 February 2017
Episode 2721  

Dintle and Quinton both receive information which will change their lives for good. Ndumiso fears that a social occasion will be a complete nightmare. Phumla is extremely surprised by two decisions of Mary’s.

Thursday 23 February 2017
Episode 2722    

Mangi and Dintle are both determined to improve their individual financial situations. Gontse is blissfully unaware of the awkward undercurrents at a place of recreation. Phumla proves her belief in her daughter with a surprising offer.

Friday 24 February 2017
Episode 2723    

Mangi starts to fear that he may have been duped and Quinton gets confirmation of a life changing matter.  Gontse’s happiness is challenged when she realises she was lied to.  Mary is turned into a completely different person.

Monday 27 February 2017
Episode 2724     

Dintle is confronted with a serious accusation and Quinton is worried about an even more serious threat. Gontse agrees that an unhappy situation may be better than nothing. Gloria turns to social media to keep some extra money coming in.

Tuesday 28 February 2017
Episode 2725    

Mangi makes a very public accusation and Quinton falls in love at first sight. Ndumiso believes he has the answer to all his problems.  Mary succeeds beyond all expectations, but her excitement is short-lived

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