Second season of Royal Pains to air on Sony this August


sonyThe second season of Royal Pains is to air from Monday, 17 August at 20:00 on Sony, channel 127 on DStv. It stars Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo and Reshma Shetty.

Royal Pains follows the misadventures of doctor Hank (Feuerstein), a rising star in the New York City medical community – until he loses everything fighting for the life of a patient.

With his career stalled and his personal life in shambles, Hank is in need of a new beginning. That’s where his younger brother Evan (Costanzo) steps in. Fed up with Hank’s self-pity, he convinces Hank to join him on a last-minute trip to the Hamptons for Memorial Day weekend. When the brothers crash a party at the home of a Hamptons billionaire, and a guest falls critically ill, Hank saves the day. His dramatic medical rescue draws attention from the crowd. Inadvertently, Hank becomes the hot new “concierge doctor” in town.

With encouragement from Evan and an ambitious young woman who volunteers to be his physician assistant, he decides to stay in town solving medical crises and helping those in need. Hank is back to doing what he does best.

The second season of Royal Pains airs from Monday, 17 August at 20:00 on Sony, channel 127 on DStv.