Should Smanga lay Sphe?


Generations The Legacy: This week it may be long week for the Morokas as they are trying to persuade Smanga to play the sheet game with Sphe because of Mazwi’s not rich sperms. Smanga seems to be enjoying the fact that Mazwi is infertile, but he had turned down the offer offered by his family should he sleep and impregnate Sphe. mazwi It is an African way of doing things for brothers and sisters to assist one another where one cannot procreate children. Jack Mabaso will also try to convince Smanga to get Sphe laid. Also, Sphe is yet to be convinced to share a bed with Smanga. By the way Smanga, used to sleep with Mazwi’s ex-girlfriend Siphiwe. So, it may not be hard for Smanga to taste Mazwi’s waters again. smanga Mazwi is played by Musa Ngema, Smanga by Moopi Mothibeli while Pearl Monama plays Sphe.