Simphiwe Ngema remembers her childhood dream


Have you ever paused and thought about your childhood dreams? Ok, Simphiwe Ngema has just did.

Posting her picture that was taken in her early years, probably at the age of 5, Simphiwe reminded herself of where and when her dreams of becoming one of Mzansi’s celebrities and role models started.

What a good reminder?

She has even sent a letter to the then little Simphiwe, which MyTVnews team believes it still continues to inspire her.

Indeed she has achieved some of her dreams since she is a performer and an actress popularly known as Thuli in the acting industry.


Letter to this little girl: all you ever wanted was to be a big star, be a performer because that’s what gives life to your soul, most of your dreams have come to pass and you’ve done well for yourself but don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop working towards your dreams, nothing and no one can stop you. Your passion is your drive and every time you fall…pick yourself up and move because at the end of the day…it’s not the fall that’s important but what you learn from it and who you become after the fall and never forget that you are blessed with the most important things in life love, happiness and family…no amount of money in the world could ever beat life fearlessly and give your everything to God. He knows what’s best for you. Love, the older you.