‘Skeem Saam’ Emkay the player played


Now that Emkay knows that his roommate, Jama, has played in his girlfriend (Ayanda)’s pitch, what will happen?

Emkay,who is a womanizer of note at the campus, is played by Mlungisi Mathe while Ayanda’s real name is Pretty Ncayiyane. Emkay is known of his “chawing” words everytime he talks of girls.

However, being a player, he was not aware that the once innocent Jama has chawed his girlfriend. While his girlfriend has been trying to make a confession to Emkay her single sleep- around encounter, Jama has stopped him from doing so. But, Thibos, who has overheard Jama and talking about their stolen fun, has since broke the ice and told Emkay about having been played.

Perhaps Thibos spilled the beans as a result of anger after Emkay tried to make a move to his baby-mother, Mapitsi.

Emkay has since accused Kwaito for betraying him. He said Kwaito and Thibos have betrayed him because they knew of Jama’s secret but decided to keep quiet on it.

Emkay has said he will deal with Jama when the vasity opens.

Will Emkay and Jama continue to share a room? Just adopt Wait-And-See Approach, and watch Skeem Saam Monday to Friday from 18h30 to 19h00 and see how it ends.