Skeem Saam Teasers (11-15 March 2019): Koloi, Clement & Noah take the hot seat


Skeem Saam (SABC1) teasers and updates for the week of 11 March 2019 through; 15 March 2019 teases that a young man who’s been missing returns home in the middle of the night. Lehasa is confronted by hard truths that are a bitter pill for him to swallow. Candice struggles to accept her new reality with Kat.

Lelo is stunned when Lehasa suddenly changes his tune about their current predicament.
Koloi’s stress about the disciplinary hearing reaches breaking point when his mates ask for a favour. Candice is pained as Kat continues to give her the cold shoulder.

Lehasa is floored when Lelo asks him something he could not have imagined in a million years. Principal is offended by the teachers’ suggestion about her role in the disciplinary hearing. The tension between Kat and Candice starts spilling over and affecting the staff.

A life is at stake and Lehasa rushes to try and save it. Koloi, Clement and Noah take the hot seat. Kat finds out Granny was the one who shot her mouth regarding a close friend’s situation.

Koloi is backed into a corner when Malebana instructs him to divulge certain information about his case. Nomalanga gives Lehasa a call requesting he man up in ways he never would’ve imagined. In an attempt to absolve herself from a recent indiscretion at Charles’s shop, Mapitsi dodges a few raging bullets.

Skeem Saam Teasers March 2019 – What will happen on The Skeem Saam?