Skeem Saam Teasers: December 2015


Skeem Saam Teasers: December 2015 – The upcoming episodes for Skeem Saam will features Leeto, Meikie, Mokgadi, Principal Thobakgale, Marothi, Charity, Katlego, Sonti, Mapitsi, Ma Kunutu, Charles, Nimza, Ayanda, Jama, Emkay, Rachel, Ma Ntuli, Kwaito, Enhle, Tbose other popular characters. Read the below Skeem Saam Teasers for December 2015 …

Episode 102 (Tuesday 01st December 2015)
World Aids Day

Rachel hurtles towards danger faster than she can even run. Principal Thobakgale is coming apart at the seams as chaos continues to tear apart learners and teachers alike. Enhle and Tbose are at breaking point. Mapitsi finally comes face to face with the law.

Episode 103 (Wednesday 02nd December 2015)

Ayanda makes a special meal for Emkay, but her life suddenly takes an unexpected and thrilling turn. Rachel is a major suspect in a very serious situation which could ruin her life. Enhle drops a bombshell on Tbose.

Episode 104 (Thursday 03rd December 2015)

A party thrown for Leeto gets a little bit out of hand. Ayanda finds herself in a precarious situation. Meikie wants Principal Thobakgale fired from Turfloop High School.

Episode 105 (Friday 04th December 2015)

A pregnant woman’s life is in danger when she is threatened with violence. Someone finds out that Jama is keeping a treacherous secret from a friend. Leeto Maputla’s appearance on social media is about to send his life into nosedive.

Episode 106 (Monday 07th December 2015)

Rachel throws everyone she loves a shattering curveball. Wallet has a health crisis that has a devastating effect on many people. A secret is spreading like wildfire through the university campus and Jama is battling to keep it from getting to the wrong ears.

Episode 107 (Tuesday 08th December 2015)

Mapitsi and Sonti are held hostage. Leeto rushes to Turfloop to save his marriage – but is he too late? Things go from bad to worse at Turf High. A patient goes missing from Turfloop hospital.

Episode 108 (Wednesday 09th December 2015)

Ayanda is on the verge of getting all she’s ever wanted, but a dark cloud is looming on her horizon. Mokgadi makes a sobering decision about her future with Leeto. Emkay makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 109 (Thursday 10th December 2015)

Ma Kunutu receives a bewildering visitor from Alfred’s past. Charles and Nimza come up with a risky strategy to keep a predator away from Rachel. Emkay is on the scent of the secret Jama’s been keeping.

Episode 110 (Friday 11th December 2015)

Tbose and Kwaito are going to a Tuks Senganga gig… they want to close the circle that began the night they killed Ben Kunutu. Charles and Nimza deal heavy-handedly with an unwelcome visitor. Charity has to face her charges in court. There is good news in store for Ma Kunutu.


Episode 111 (Monday 14th December 2015)

Leeto and Babymaker have a life-changing surprise in store for Tbose and Kwaito. Kat decides to stand up for himself. Molahlegi bowls Alfred one heck of a googly, sending his life into turmoil.

Episode 112 (Tuesday 15th December 2015)

Alfred is reeling from Molahlegi’s googly but she’s not done with him yet. Charles spots an opportunity to make a heap of cash. Ma Kunutu makes a devastating discovery.

Episode 113 (Wednesday 16th December 2015)
Day of Reconciliation

Alfred is in a quandary and is at risk of losing something very precious to him. Rachel, feeling empowered by her new relationship, is shocked when Ma Kunutu snubs her offer of financial help. Kat comes face to face with someone who is now his enemy.

Episode 114 (Thursday 17th December 2015)

Battle lines are redrawn when Marothi accuses Charity of interfering in his new relationship. The clock is ticking for Alfred – he has to make a life-changing decision. Kat takes desperate and risky action for someone he loves.

Episode 115 (Friday 18th December 2015)

Rachel is on the warpath and everyone in her way is in the line of fire. Charles Kunutu goes up against the Maputlas for a lucrative tender. Kerrin toys with Charity’s emotions when he seems to give her what she wants, but there’s a catch.

Episode 116 (Monday 21st December 2015)

Charles Kunutu may have bitten off more than he can chew. It is a day of disappointments and unexpected turns of events for the Ramabus. Rachel meets the other girl in her boyfriend’s life.

Episode 117 (Tuesday 22nd December 2015)

Charles Kunutu has messed with the wrong group of women. A devastating phone call forces Ma Kunutu to leave Turfloop. Kat finds himself caught between the love of family and his career. The Seakamelas are stunned when an uninvited guest turns up at their door.

Episode 118 (Wednesday 23rd December 2015)

MaNtuli suspects Kwaito knew about their uninvited guest. Charles and Nimza discover Rachel’s disconcerting plan. Alfred fears the worst when he doesn’t hear from Ma Kunutu.

Episode 119 (Thursday 24th December 2015)
Christmas Eve

Principal Thobakgale receives a phone call that leaves her shaken. Granny extends a kind hand to a friend. Tbose and Kwaito entertain a friend from Joburg in Turfloop. There is conflict in the Ramabu house when cultures clash.

Episode 120 (Friday 25th December 2015)
Christmas Day

Christmas day finds families in Turfloop doing everything possible to celebrate together. Rachel pulls a fast one on her family, but things take a strange turn. Pretty is nursing a flaming crush. Christmas at Katlego’s house is a lavish affair filled with incongruous guests, and they receive a sudden visitor who changes the family dynamic.

Episode 121 (Monday 28th December 2015)

Charles has had enough and decides it’s time to build a protective shield around Rachel. Granny might be on the verge of getting peace of mind about Joseph’s well-being. Sonti has a secret admirer who turns up at her door.

Episode 122 (Tuesday 29th December 2015)

Sonti’s secret admirer is determined to win her over. Granny has an ominous dream about Rachel and trouble is unleashed when she mentions it to someone. Pretty has a crush on an older boy.

Episode 123 (Wednesday 30th December 2015)

Heads roll in the Seakamela house when MaNtuli makes a shocking discovery in her fridge. Granny witnesses a disturbing interaction in her own home. Meikie has a surprise for John. Rachel stumbles upon someone’s dirty secret.

Episode 124 (Thursday 31st December 2015)
New Year’s Eve

It’s Katlego’s 19th birthday and Emkay Biyela is in Turfloop. Plans are afoot for a night of revelling and fun… but… is there danger ahead where secrets will be revealed and betrayals brought to light… as one year ends and another begins.


Skeem Saam is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


  1. Skeem saam is rocking dis december..i wish Marothi can go to hell and betraying Rachel..Leeto is not man enough to have a wife..

  2. Comment:i so wsh dat oil was hot yooooo so dat marothi’s skin burns nd not being able 2 charm young gals again…he is not man enough thou

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