Skeem Saam Teasers: February 2016

Soapie Teasers for Skeem Saam: Febraury 2016


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Skeem Saam Teasers: February 2016. The upcoming episodes for Skeem Saam (Soapie Teasers for Skeem Saam: Febraury 2016) will features Emkay, Jama, Ayanda, Tbose, Kwaito, Lizzy, Enhle, Darika,  Mokgadi, Leeto, Mangaliso, Meikie, John Maputla, Mary Matloga, Molahlegi, Alfred and other popular characters. Read the below Skeem Saam Teasers for February 2016…

Monday 01 February 2016
Episode 146
Principal Thobakgale receives some shocking news from the hospital.Students arrive back at varsity, and it’s anybody’s guess how things will pan out between Emkay and Jama. Mr Kgomo asks Dr Hlongwane for a favour.

Tuesday 02 February 2016
Episode 147
Tbose and Kwaito are on tenterhooks, wondering what Emkay will do next. Principal Thobakgale deals with the news of Lizzy’s paralysis by going into full attack mode. Tbose ties one last loose end from the last year, and shocks Enhle to the core.

Wednesday 03 February 2016
Episode 148
An unexpected event happens at the hospital, where two sworn enemies also meet.It seems like the chickens have come home to roost for one of the university students when old secrets tumble out.

Thursday 04 February 2016
Episode 149
Principal Thobakgale is forced to face the reality that Mangalisohas a strong effect on her daughter. Darika proves to be a very unpredictable man. Mangaliso tries to make contact with an ex.

Friday 05 February 2016
Episode 150
Emotions run high leading up to the wedding and Leeto’s best man quits. Principal Thobakgale cannot bring herself to tell her daughter the truth. Fists go flying in a university residence room and no one is willing to lose the fight.

Monday 08 February 2016
Episode 151
Darika finds a new way to silence Leeto.Principal Thobakgale breaks the dreadful news to Elizabeth.Mary Matloga puts Meikie in her place.

Tuesday 09 February 2016
Episode 152
Mary has bad news about the wedding, and Mokgadi is convinced that she is cursed. Kwaito and Tbose try to get Jama and Emkay to bury the hatchet.

Wednesday 10 February 2016
Episode 153
Meikie and Mary Matloga’s differences are on full display as they make wedding arrangements. Leeto has a surprise for Mokgadi. Emkay decides to fight for his woman.

Thursday 11 February 2016
Episode 154
A blast from the past reveals John Maputla and Mary Matloga’s dark secret. Elizabeth stands up for love against her mother. Ayanda wants to free herself of Emkay’s shackles.

Friday 12 February 2016
Episode 155
There is an air of unpredictability as enemies and friends gather to celebrate Leeto’s wedding. Darika sends another threatening message, and this time he means business.

Monday 15 February 2016
Episode 156
The wedding is a colourful celebration of love. Leeto is relieved when the danger from Darika is averted. No one is aware of Lord of the Flies’ machinations behind the scenes.

Tuesday 16 February 2016
Episode 157
Mokgadi’s life is turned upside down and she weeps by her husband’s side. Mangaliso corners Lord of the Flies. Malebana and Babeile are on Darika’s trail.

Wednesday 17 February 2016
Episode 158
Mangaliso saves Leeto’s life.Principal Thobakgale is shocked to find Lizzy under police guard.Tbose refuses to make peace with Enhle while Emkay plans revenge on Jama.

Thursday 18 February 2016
Episode 159
Meikie is enraged when she overhears Mary Matloga planting a seed of doubt in Mokgadi’s mind. Jama accuses Ayanda of being indecisive. Meikie and John rush against time to avert another disaster.

Friday 19 February 2016
Episode 160
Lord of the Flies reveals his true colours. Molahlegi cries on Alfred’s shoulder, and confesses that her job at Bling Magazine is on the line. John asks Mangaliso to end his friendship with Leeto.

Monday 22 February 2016
Episode 161
Principal Thobakgale gives Leeto and Mangaliso a piece of her mind. Enhle appeals to Kwaito to help her get Tbose back. Leeto is discharged from hospital.

Tuesday 23 February 2016
Episode 162
Mangaliso and Leeto’s long friendship comes to an emotional end. Tbose realises that Enhle still cares about Sakhile.Meikie accidentally blurts out that she knows Mokgadi’s father.

Wednesday 24 February 2016
Episode 163
The Maputlas welcome the news of Lord of the Flies’ arrest.Things take a dark turn when Principal Thobakgale reveals her plans for Lizzy. Tbose shatters every hope that Enhle had about their relationship.

Thursday 25 February 2016
Episode 164
As the birth of her child draws closer, Ma Kunutu faces some tough decisions.
Kwaito receives some shocking news about his worst enemy. Lizzy learns that there is a chance that she could walk again.

Friday 26 February 2016
Episode 165
News of an escaped prisoner spreads like wildfire. The fight between Alfred and Ma Kunutu escalates. Kwaito seeks revenge.

Monday 29 February 2016
Episode 166
Mangaliso discovers Lelo’s whereabouts. Mary advises Mokgadi to take control of her marriage. Enhle pleads with Tbose to give their love a chance.

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Skeem Saam is on SABC1 Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.


  1. Comment:I think Lelo’s Mother is Phathutshedzo Makwarela
    she always Escape everything
    tjoo um sick and tired of her

  2. I dont understand what happened be
    tween Leeto and Babymaker that end their friendship,or Mangaliso knew about Fly plans that puts Leeto in Hospital

  3. Interesting Lelo is coming Back 🙂 I was getting tired of watching Rachel n Ma kunutu. I believe Lelo is coming back with a Bang…so Maputla is Mokgadi’s Father? Enhle doesn’t know what she wants….as for Leeto and his hommies its True what they say Your Best friend can be your worst Enemy Bro!….Emkaay you did cross the brother code by going after T’Bose ex Gf…..real Niggas don’t do that shit! Its lame dawg practice what you preach…….Now Skeem saam is boring I wonder why…….

  4. Really Lelo again? What now have u fone out of ideas? To paralys Lizzy n Lelo is w
    Free wts wrong with Mzanzi soepies wt are they proving? Ds always way out with crime aggg

  5. Comment:aowa hle.hape darika ke le feyega.once a ye wa tshosa.and Koko mantsha o kae.hape magogo knows her place le kat.kamo le ena a suna kat.mhm i wonder if kamo has feelings for kat.

  6. Lizzy will get shot accidently???by whom? Darika guy .. As for Enhle yena ayy dis chick akazazi xe’s inluv wt Sakhile i thnk..bring back dat hot hunky guy for Mapitsi David hle.. Its gud to have tsubana laka back Mmakunutu. Kwaito must have a gf now.

  7. Yena Lelo gape…….acheee!!!!! Papa Mokgadi ke mang thleng? cant wait for detail around that//////
    Lizzy learned a lesson ha ke mo qenehele le ha nyane tog.

  8. Comment:yey finally lelo is coming bck nna I really love da gal maka ga thusi I so hate maputsi n watsup vele ka entle ai dai kent le ena gatekitsi n Rachel ena dntshng ka sgela kgante marothi gayo batla zaka yage back

  9. i foresee a new relationship in the horizon,where the is love it always starts with kgomo and mma ntuli something is gonna go down between the two #my_assumption

  10. Can Mmangaliso go back to Lelo though..? Is Mokgadi Maputlas daughter? Entle must step back now seemingly she doesn’t know what she wants, the world doesn’t revolve around her….. I wish Mapitsi was in Varsity though

  11. This show is top, ebile ke everyday mos, nkabe e tsena ka 8:30 mo go 1 hle, 6:30 gape ke ka pela for TV wa tseba.

    Rena re cheka scandal, generations, ??? then muvhango, bjale ??? ya boranyana gape le yona, e slow and di episodes tja gona ga di hlakane gabotse, e nyaka mosegare ka bo 4 mohlomongwe.

  12. wish mantuli a hwetse mosomo wa gagwe back please she has the kids to take care of as for kwaito
    a le ko varsity, it’s painful to drop out varsity

  13. Babe maker must stay with lelo they deserve each other,ba swana a ba ne bright future.Lizzy don’t deserve someone like baby maker,no.

  14. Lelo has to come back being pregnant with mangalisos child and this will leave Mangaliso with no choice becoz he is bck together with lizzy. Mankunutu must concive a baby boy.

  15. Poor Lizzy this is sad 🙁 i just hope she’s going to find true love some day and Mangaliso and Lelo can go to Hell…as for meikie Mary should put her in her place she’s very childish that woman…

  16. Lelo escaped from prisoner or its Lord of flie….wat a month….i want emkay to date Pretty i think ey will be a cute couple

  17. hi skeem saam iam your biggist fan wht i wnt to know is tht will mmantuli get her job back or wht coz the hospitla is not the same without her?

  18. Bt y cnt skeem saam make sumthng real 1sty Derika is out of prison bt his zombi is prison 4 hm. 2nd the court fnd Lelo guilty bt sh’s going 2 escape. Now skeem saam is doing the same thngs tht ada sabc progrems r doing. Bt though I cnt say NO To SKEEM SAAM

  19. Where is Rachel sleeping, coz she didn’t get accommodation…. Where is she in the meantym…I’m really worried ka ngwana wa ga Mma kunutu shame……and the voetkoes are there still there.

  20. Why don’t mangaliso tell the maputla’s family that leeto he was knowing something about their high jacking, that the maputla’s family can have a responsibility to ensure that everyone keep calm especially lizzy, and emkay must leave jama alone cause jama he’s not wrong, if he sees his friends weakness, he should come up with something that can comfort emkay’s girlfriend.

  21. i lv skeem saam without lelo,,if u r realising lelo wat msage are you sending to our youth? i think the writer must also think about our childre..

  22. I just hope mangaliso is not gonna leave lizzy again for lelo…it would not be fair,lizzy loves managaliso,he can’t always run after that criminal…

  23. let Darika be in jail and Leeto live free life with her wife, and Lelo must come back Mangaliso be in a serious trouble for having two girl friends

  24. Eh eh eh!!!! Guys don’t miss any episode this February because of SKEEM SAAM se a rokha shem.#LOL.The wedding was so mmm …………rocking .BIG UP GUYS!!!!!!!!!

  25. Iyooo the wedding was organized like the real I aowa…but i don’t like the parth when leeto”s shooting it was suprise shooting ,who shot Leeto? Darika was supposed to shot leeto after de wedding and be arrested the same day,we were supposed to enjoy the wedding until the end ,the shooting takes part the next day

  26. Why is John ending Lee to nd Mangalisos relationship?dey both come too far Maputla shldnt be selfish nd Mangaliso managed to save Leetos life

  27. Don’t take her back tbos bcs she will always try to change who u are its better to make thing right with your mother of your little boy pitsi

  28. Well as for me I’d say this is a great soopie and all the things that are happening on skeem taught me a lot and I learned to be a better person from most of Thibo’s decisions, Emkay and I am glad to say am half way about my novel if it wasn’t Kwaito I could have not known that my talent is writing, so to God be the glory and protect all of you skeem sam people. Your worth surpasses all the things that anyone can think of. I am so grateful and humbled at everything you do cheers.


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