Soapie Teasers for Skeem Saam – June 2015


skeem-saam-logoSoapie Teasers for Skeem Saam – June 2015 –  Coming up on Skeem Saam this June 2015:

Episode 231 (Monday 01 June 2015)

Kwaito makes an already bad situation worse when he declares war on Sis’Ouma. Kat finds himself in conflict with elders over Granny’s welfare. Nimza struggles to deal with the newfound feeling of heartbreak.

Episode 232 (Tuesday 02 June 2015)

As lobola negotiations loom closer, pressure on Leeto mounts. Jama makes good on an old promise and gives some startling news to Enhle, which sheds frightening light on Lelo’s background. Kwaito may have bitten more than he can chew, when Sis’Ouma sees red.

Episode 233 (Wednesday 03 June 2015)

Desperate times calls for desperate measures for Leeto and he hatches a shaky plan. Lelo’s court date is looming and Enhle drops a bombshell on her. Pretty gives her mother a sobering wake-up call.

Episode 234 (Thursday 04 June 2015)

Leeto finds himself forced to reveal the origins of the engagement ring. A blast from the past comes back to warn Enhle about approaching danger. An unsuspecting family is about to become victims of a crime.

Episode 235 (Friday 05 June 2015)

Nimza decides revenge is a dish best served cold. Mokgadi makes Leeto a jaw-dropping offer he finds impossible to refuse. Enhle makes an irreversible decision.

Episode 236 (Monday 08 June 2015)

Lelo is dreading her first court appearance. MaNtuli is so focused on Lelo’s fate, she fails to see the trouble that’s heading her way. Captain Malebana’s life is turned upside down.

Episode 237 (Tuesday 09 June 2015)

MaNtuli has a day from hell. Tbose tries desperately to stop Enhle from making what could be a fatal mistake. Malebana faces the darkest time of his life.

Episode 238 (Wednesday 10 June 2015)

Nimza finally has his day of reckoning when his misdeeds catch up with him. Malebana, in grief, has a silver lining. Tbose starts to worry when he does not hear from Enhle, who was last seen with Lelo.

Episode 239 (Thursday 11 June 2015)

Things get very heated in the Kunutu household. Tbose and Kwaito are shocked when a criminal they know well, dodges a bullet. Nimza catches an intruder red-handed in his bedroom.

Episode 240 (Friday 12 June 2015)

It is a day of mourning in Turfloop. Lelo’s sudden and newfound invincibility leads to two unlikely people coming together to plot her downfall. MaNtuli puts the Maputlas under extreme pressure as she decides to throw herself at the mercy of the law.

Episode 241 (Monday 15 June 2015)

Lelo plays her final trump card on Tbose and leaves him reeling. Rachel is the first person to confront Nimza and make him realise people suspect he’s part of a crime syndicate. Enhle gives Tbose a shocking ultimatum.

Episode 242 (Tuesday 16 June 2015)

Emkay’s Youth Day plans are overtaken by his boys’ relationship woes. A desperate Tbose tries to elicit Kwaito’s help in dealing with Lelo. Nimza realises that the walls are closing in on him. Enhle makes a staggering discovery.

Episode 243 (Wednesday 17 June 2015)

Tortured by the lies he’s been telling his friends and family, Nimza finally decides to come clean. Mokgadi inches closer and closer to finding out the real story behind her engagement ring. Enhle’s recent discovery sends her down a dark, dangerous alley filled with murderous thoughts.

Episode 244 (Thursday 18 June 2015)

Captain Malebana is right on the trail of the card-skimming syndicate. MaNtuli causes a scene, as she demands her money from the crooks that scammed her. Lelo is thrown when she finds out Enhle might just be lying to her.

Episode 245 (Friday 19 June 2015)

Enhle’s pursuit of the truth brings her very close to Lelo’s lethal side. Captain Malebana and Sergeant Ledwaba finally make an arrest in the fraud case. Leeto’s financial status causes a rift in the family.

Episode 246 (Monday 22 June 2015)

There is an attempt on Enhle’s life. Leeto’s luck changes for the better, while Katlego’s luck takes a turn for the worst. The Maputlas and Seakamelas have an unexpected visitor, who has reached the end of his tether.

Episode 247 (Tuesday 23 June 2015)

Lelo gets a taste of her own medicine. Leeto gets the shock of his life when Mokgadi mentions a name from his past. For Nimza, the battle to hold on to his secret is just beginning. Kat finds himself inside a nightmare he may never wake up from.

Episode 248 (Wednesday 24 June 2015)

Tbose has a horrifying realization about Enhle. Leeto finds himself in a nose-dive situation and is forced to weave a web of lies around his family. A varsity student fights for their life in hospital and tensions run high on campus as blame and suspicion fills the air.

Episode 249 (Thursday 25 June 2015)

The police are investigating a case of attempted murder and everyone on campus is nervous. Katlego gets frustrated when no one believes in his innocence. Despite his best efforts, Leeto is on the verge of disappointing his family, once again. Nimza witnesses something that breaks his heart.

Episode 250 (Friday 26 June 2015)

The police investigation on campus intensifies and leads to an astonishing discovery. Joyce rattles Meikie’s feathers as they try to recover from the nearly jeopardised lobola negotiations. Nimza is ready to confess to his sins, when an unexpected turn of events sends his life into turmoil.

Episode 251 (Monday 29th June 2015)

A spark of hope in Nimza’s horizon serves to dull the proddings of his conscience. Meanwhile someone else in Johannesburg has their conscience awakened and the horrors they’ve caused come crashing down on them. Meikie dreams of throwing the biggest wedding ever.

Episode 252 (Tuesday 30th June 2015)

Nimza’s star is rising into the stratosphere, but is it about to be swallowed by a black hole? Mangaliso decides to lay all his cards on the table, with startling results. Sergeant Ledwaba has a breakthrough that might just turn the card-skimming case around and lead them to the real culprits.

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