Soapie Teasers for Uzalo: May 2015


uzaloSoapie Teasers for Uzalo: May 2015 – Coming up on Uzalo this May 2015:

Monday 4 May 2015
Episode 37

Mxolisi and Nombuso meet during the funeral and they share a moment of eye-locking. While Nombuso sings, we reveal that Ayanda and Mxolisi are eyeing Nombuso with the same look of interest.

Xulu is paid a visit by Dlomo who interrogates him. He threatens to take Xulu down. Xulu must not love his family enough because he’s willing to put their lives at risk for money. Dlomo says he will take Xulu and his whole family down. Xulu has a decision to make.

Nombuso finds herself behind Mxolisi and she apologizes softly for bumping into him. She introduces herself to him and they share a moment, exchanging looks of utter adulation one for another.

Tuesday 5 May 2015
Episode 38

Xulu makes a big announcement to his family. Pastor Mdletshe and Dlomo join forces. Could this result in the change the community needs? Nombuso finally relents to an offer that could change her life forever.

Wednesday 6 May 2015
Episode 39

Mastermind and Mabuza are appalled and worried about Xulu’s decision regarding business. The Mdletshe son falls harder for the wrong girl… Mrs Mdletshe gets Nombuso an opportunity to start her life, although dissimilar to Nombuso’s aspirations.

Monday 11 May 2015
Episode 40

A business partner enters the Xulu world and is yet to transform their lives. Will this fulfill Xulu’s plan? Mdletshe has a game plan to transmute the way things are in Kwa-Mashu, putting his own life at stake for his community. Nombuso is oblivious to the drool on the chin of her secret admirer. Will she ever see?

Tuesday 12 May 2015
Episode 41

Mxolisi and Xulu are swept further off their feet by the bogus charms of a cunning man… Mdletshe and Dlomo are faced with a disappointing reality of their failed plan… While caught up in a love triangle, Nombuso finds herself in the arms of a guy she never thought fate would have her cross paths with again… could this be the Mdletshe boy?

Wednesday 13 May 2015
Episode 42

Xulu’s meeting with their new business partner ends on a negative note. Mdletshe is on the verge of giving up on their plan but Dlomo reveals shocking facts that make him change his mind. Nombuso’s mind is on her interest in another guy and she fails to notice her admirer right in front of her.

Monday 18 May 2015
Episode 43

Xulu makes a decision that sets him and his family up for great trouble. Mdletshe is constantly reminded of his reasons for his plan with Dlomo. Nombuso scores herself a date…

Tuesday 19 May 2015
Episode 44

Xulu stands a great risk of loss… Mdletshe makes Mastermind an offer that he has to think about. Nombuso is appalled with Ayanda’s actions and threatens him.

Wednesday 20 May 2015
Episode 45

Things come to a blow between Xulu and Pastor Mdletshe. Mastermind is tasked with a decision that could change his Life. Nombuso shocks everyone in the church choir.

Monday 25 May 2015
Episode 46

Ayanda and Nombuso’s relationship is strained by his connection to Afrotainment. Muzi deals with the problem of the squatters. The heat is turned up on Mastermind. Mxolisi is suspicious of Richard Davis.

Tuesday 26 May 2015
Episode 47

Mabuza panics trying to get hold of Xulu with important information he has found. Mastermind gets arrested. Nkule explodes on Nombuso for answering calls at work to the surprise of everyone else.

Wednesday 27 May 2015
Episode 48

Xulu offers a solution to the community, which infuriates Pastor Mdletshe. Mxolisi realises that something is wrong when a very important person doesn’t return his calls.

Nosipho encourages Mxolisi to persist and not give up on Nombuso. Smangele and a couple of other choir members approach Pastor Mdletshe and ask for his help with their CVs. He gets very uncomfortable.

Dhlomo is missing Mastermind’s docket. He reports this to the captain, accusing Mabuza. Ayanda and Mxolisi have a showdown in front of Nombuso. Pastor Mdletshe and Xulu have a showdown and Mdletshe threatens Xulu. After searching relentlessly, Mxolisi discovers that Richard Davis left the building.

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