Solomon Mahlangu: ‘Kalushi’ movie sets to hit the big screen on March 10


We are so happy that Solomon Mahlangu’s biopic got a premiere date!

Kadushi will make its way to the local cinemas on Friday, March 10, 2017.

The movie is about ”Solomon Mahlangu (played by Thabo Rametsi), a Mamelodi township schoolboy-hawker who, after the events of June 16th joins the military wing of the ANC to fight against the brutal oppression of the Apartheid regime and ends up becoming an icon of South Africa’s liberation.”



Directed by Mandla Dube – the leading actors in the new film are Thabo Rametsi, Thabo Malema, Pearl Thusi, Gcina Mhlophe, Welile Nzuzaamong others.

Watch: Kalushi trailer below…