SONA 2016 to be broadcasted live on SABC2


State of the Nation Address 2016 best known as SONA is to be broadcasted live on SABC2 from Cape Town, Western Cape this evening Thursday, February 11, 2016.

State of the Nation Address will be delivered by President Jacob Zuma in Parliament of South Africa.

Be sure to tune into SONA @ 18:00 today Thursday February 11 on SABC2!

Check the below pictures…


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  1. Our country and parliament is a joke. We are taken for granted and the truth is this country is vanishing slowly, this is one of the signs that the end time is here.

    How I wish it can be right now because seriously I don’t see any use of this world continuing to exist. Our leaders have forgotten and ignore the presence of God in their lives.

    They didn’t just be there but God entrusted them to be good leaders and role models to us but they keep on failing us and this hurts because we voted so that we can get jobs and get funds to start our own businesses and study as well.
    They fail us big time, I’m not saying they must spoon feed us but I say they should give us jobs that’s all.

    no contract jobs but permanent ones. Mr President and all that are working with him should go back to seek first the kingdom of God and be thoughtful towards us…


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