Talitha Ndima’s new show “Marry Me Now” premieres November on 1Magic


We seriously can’t wait to watch Talitha Ndima‘ new show Marry Me Now!

The show is set to premiere on the November 02 on 1Magic (DSTV Channel 103) @ 7PM and is hosted by Talitha Ndima who will chronicles the journey with the bride-to-be as the wedding preparations take place!

Watch ordinary South Africans wear their hearts on their sleeves. Marry Me Now is an empowering reality show that showcases women who make the “ultimate” move. These brave hearts give their spouses the shock of their lives by proposing to them, already in their wedding dresses.

So, how does it work?

The bride-to-be has just three days to plan her proposal and dream wedding. She is supplied with a wedding planner and a set wedding budget. She chooses her dream décor, cake, flower arrangement, food menu, her partner’s suit and wedding dress. Her family and friends as well as her partner’s relatives are all in on the scheme. It’s her task to get them all to show up on her big day and keep her plan a secret until her big reveal. But will he say yes? If he says yes, the couple get married on the spot!

Talitha Ndima probes the bride-to-be for all the important relationship information in order to get to know the pair better. Talitha also ensures family members keep the wedding plans under wraps until the day of the proposal. At times she serves as matchmaker, other times counsellor, her relationship therapist skills are put to the test.

Produced by Passion Lane Productions, catch the premiere episode and first season of Marry Me Now from 2 November at 19:00 on 1Magic (DSTV channel 103).