Thabo Malema as Ronald Gumede on etv Gold Diggers


Gold_thaboRonald is Patrick Gumede’s second child to his first wife Ruth. Ronald has problems with his knee, which is the reason he couldn’t join his father in the mines but stayed behind to work on the farm and look after the family.

Ronald is an optimist seeking nothing more than to live happily with his wife, foraging off the land. He’s left in Big Boy’s chair to be the man of the house, but he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to anyone let alone his siblings.

From time to time, he finds himself snapping, especially at his younger brother, Lucky, who has recently formed a special relationship with Ronald’s wife, Hlengiwe. He and Hlengiwe can’t have children and they have been trying to use muthi to conceive. His marriage to Hlengiwe was arranged but he has grown to love her a lot.

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