Thandy Matlaila as Happiness on Gold Diggers


Thandy Matlaila 007Character

Thandy – of Tshisa fame – plays Happiness, a prostitute who offers “services” to the miners, under the eye of a pimp. She appears in approximately two episodes a week when the series starts and her role increases as the series unfolds.

This from Thandy about the set-up: “The prostitutes service some of the miners, some of the mine owners and everybody who’s in and around and they find it a lucrative business because most people who work on a mine don’t go there with their wives – because it’s a work environment – so they capitalise on it.”

Happiness doesn’t have such a happy background. She found herself on the mines after an ex-boyfriend broke her heart, leaving her feeling uncherished. She’s decided that if she’s going to give it up for a man, he may as well pay for it.

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