Thapelo Mokoena is the latest victim of crime


Thapelo Mokoena is hospitalised after a hit and run which happened on Tuesday evening (Janaury 05) in Vanderbijlpark.

The 38-year-old actor and and television personalityis the latest victim of crime after an hit and run racist which was reportedly happened during an evening run in the bright streets of Vanderbijlpark South SE3 in the Vaal.

Thapelo posted on his Facebook account and wrote “The next thing I know I wake up on the side of the road bleeding everywhere (from my head, my arms & my legs). I am disorientated, shouting at the man helping me. He keeps saying, “I’m calling an ambulance, you are badly hurt!” and I keep saying, “No! Take me to my house or I’ll walk there. I want to see my wife and my son.

“He puts his foot down and says, “I AM TAKING YOU TO THE HOSPITAL or WE ARE WAITING HERE FOR AN AMBULANCE!” He had called one already. By this time his wife has also left the house and joined us in aid,” Mokoena wrote

Luckily, he is alive and well!