‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Teasers (8-12 Jan 2018): Eric joins Quinn in a manipulative maneuver that they hope will change Steffy’s mind about divorcing Wyatt

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (SABC3) teasers and updates for the week of 8 January 2018 through; 12 January 2018 teases Quinn is given hope that her plan is working when Liam confronts her about trying to manipulate Steffy. Liam assures Quinn that he is not buying her new and improved attitude the way others have. Ridge pays a visit to Steffy to either get her to change her mind regarding Quinn’s request or come up with a compromise. To thank Eric for his encouragement of her buying the new house, Katie gives him a token of her gratitude. Quinn becomes enraged when she finds Katie and Eric spending time together.
Having gotten an earful from Rick, Brooke confronts Eric on why their son was not considered for the position as CEO. Using the ruse of touring the new house, Quinn pays Katie a visit and issues a warning about spending time with Eric.
Katie stands firm with Quinn that she and Eric are nothing more than long-time friends. Rick is confident that he has time for Eric to change his mind about who will be running Forrester Creations.
As Steffy prepares herself to give Eric an answer regarding the offer of the CEO position, Liam discourages her from taking the job. Ridge and Rick are both upset that Steffy was offered the position and feel as though they should be given the opportunity to run the company again.
They are both convinced that Quinn has an ulterior motive and manipulated Eric into making the offer. The Forrester Creations team is blindsided when Wyatt is offered an executive position within the company.
Bill calls Liam out on the real reason why he does not want Steffy to accept the position at Forrester Creations. Steffy’s final decision regarding the CEO title is met with mixed emotions from both family and co-workers.
Following Steffy’s announcement, Ridge and Rick are given new positions within the company along with Quinn. Eric demands unity between his family members at work and at home.
Eric joins Quinn in a manipulative maneuver that they hope will change Steffy’s mind about divorcing Wyatt. Liam is taken aback when Steffy tells him that she accepted the CEO position and that Wyatt received a promotion. Steffy is hurt by Liam’s lack of support as he focuses on Quinn being the reason for her new title. Wyatt displays to Rick and Nicole just how little he knows about apparel and the fashion industry.
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