‘The Book of Negroes’ mini-series sets to hit etv next week!


The etv‘s brand new mini-series ‘The Book of Negroes‘ is coming to screen near you from Monday, May 02, 2016!

The series that tells the story of Aminata Diallo, a young girl who was forcefully brought to slavery at the time of the American Revolution.

The story about “In 1750, 11-year-old Aminata Diallo is abducted from her village in West Africa, placed in shackles and sent across the ocean to be sold into slavery on a South Carolina plantation.

She survives the extreme hardship of her situation by using midwifery skills learned at her mother’s side and by drawing on the strength of character inherited from her parents.

She even finds love with Chekura, a fellow slave from West Africa. But Aminata remains trapped, and when her first baby is brutally abducted and sold by her jealous slave master, she vows to return to her homeland some day.

This gripping series follows her harrowing journey to freedom.”

The series was filmed in South Africa and Canada and also stars Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and local stars Atandwa Kani, Aubrey Poo and Jerry Mofokeng.

FYI: The Book of Negroes took home no less than nine awards at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards.

Be sure to tune into The Book of Negroes @ 8:30pm every Monday from May 2 on etv!