The Dr. Oz Show Season 4 – March 2015


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Episode 87                                                                 Monday, 02 March 2015

“How To Avoid The Flu From Striking: The Deadly Flu” Dr. Oz sits down with Dara-Lynn Weiss, the controversial mother who shamed her daughter into weight loss. Dr. Oz discusses what to do as a parent if your child is diagnosed as obese.

Then, Dr. Oz speaks about the deadly flu and what you need to do to stay healthy throughout the flu season. Next, Dan Buettner returns to reveal three blue zones and the secrets there that help people defy age. Plus, Dr. Oz discusses the top five tips for making winter wake-ups easier.


Episode 88                                                                 Tuesday, 03 March 2015

“6 Days to Your Complete Body Reshape” Dr. Oz has just what you need to bust your gut and change your body in ways you never thought possible. UFC trainer and founder of Tapout X workout program, Mike Karpenko, goes over his three rules of weight loss and shows Dr. Oz his six workout moves to help transform your body. Then, getting healthy with your spouse is a common, often fruitless, goal of many couples. The family that conquered this aspiration – The Crews joins Dr. Oz to show how it’s possible to get healthy with your spouse. The Crews also reveal their four-step plan to better health. Later, Dr. Oz busts the biggest health complaints he hears with easy solutions.


Episode 89                                                                 Wednesday, 04 March 2015

“Secrets the Fast Food Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know” Dr. Oz has all the shocking secrets the fast food industry doesn’t want getting out. Fast food insiders, chef Erica Wides and health inspector Peter De-Lu-Sha join Dr. Oz to expose the dirtiest dining secrets they know – secrets like the dirtiest places in fast food restaurants, whether chicken is really the healthiest option, and the best time of day to order breakfast. Then, find out what fast food Dr. Oz gives everyone permission to eat. Chef, and host of Top Secret Recipes, Todd Wilbur has figured out how to cut the fat and calories of the restaurant version, while keeping the great taste and he reveals the recipe. Later, Dr. Oz shares the latest breakthroughs in the ongoing battle of the bulge, and the best gadgets for lazy women.


Episode 90                                                                 Thursday, 05 March 2015

“Are Gel Manicures Safe?” With the promise of longer-lasting, sturdier nails, millions of women have been getting the newest nail treatment – gel manicures. But are they safe? Dr. Oz has everything you need to know before your next gel manicure. Dr. Oz and dermatologist Dr. Anne Chapas reveal three dangers of this treatment that could have you rethinking this luxury.Then, Dr. Oz enters the world of dreams, and reveals how your dreams could actually fix your biggest health problems. World renowned dream analyst, Cynthia Richmond, joins Dr. Oz to explain what different dream symbols represent, and how to lose weight by dreaming. Later, Dr. Oz explains how you can get your daily dose of vitamins without taking pills, and he reveals the three surprising mistakes stopping people from getting enough veggies.


Episode 91                                                                 Monday, 09 March 2015

“What’s Your Sixth Sense Trying To Tell You About Your Health?” Do you ever get that nagging feeling in your gut that something just isn’t right? It’s a very real ability, identified by science as intuition. Intuitive counselor Tony Leroy joins Dr. Oz to explain how intuition, or sixth sense, can reveal the future and predict health. Plus, Tony reveals his number-one secret to exercising his intuitive muscle, doing something most people can’t imagine. Since today’s show is all about what’s in your gut, Dr. Oz has all the answers for your real gut – how even though you’re washing your hands and eating your vegetables, you’re still getting sick. Dr. Oz and Dr. Steven Lamm reveal what many people may be missing and it protects against everything from the common cold to cancer. Dr. Oz and Dr. Lamm also reveal the three best solutions to save your gut and your immune system.


Episode 92                                                                 Tuesday, 10 March 2015

“Ultimate Medical Myths Busted” How long does it really take to digest a piece of gum? Is memory loss really inevitable with age? Dr. Oz sits with the greatest illusionists of our time, Penn & Teller, to debunk some of the biggest medical myths. Penn and Teller teach Dr. Oz the magic tricks that can make brain size bigger. Today is all about secrets and illusions – but the little secrets people keep from their family, friends, and even their doctors can have big health consequences. Dr. Oz asks which health secrets you’re too afraid to share – he starts with the most common secrets and reveals why keeping them locked away is harmful. Later, Dr. Oz shares his viewers’ funniest do-it-yourself projects gone wrong.


Episode 93                                                                 Wednesday, 11 March 2015

“The Best Weight Loss Tricks For Your Body Type” Dr. Oz reveals weight loss tricks specifically designed for your body type. Fitness and nutrition expert Traci Mitchell joins Dr. Oz to share her “cheat sheet” for weight loss without going on a diet. Dr. Oz and Traci reveal more than 12 tricks, including tips on what to eat and smell – all to deceive your body into losing weight naturally. Then Bobby Deen, author of “From Mama’s Table to Mine” joins Dr. Oz to discuss his simple secrets to turning everyone’s favourite comfort foods into lighter, leaner meals. Bobby reveals the five essentials he used to transform his mom’s recipes into healthier meals. Plus, Dr. Oz delves into the possibilities of spontaneous healing – the astonishing power everyone possesses to cure anything from chronic pain to cancer.


Episode 94                                                                 Thursday, 12 March 2015

“Dr. Oz’s Detox Plan: Lose 10 Pounds in One Month” Dr. Oz reveals 10 detox foods that can help shed 10 pounds in one month without calorie counting or working out. Dr. Alejandro Junger joins Dr. Oz to talk about the foods people should eliminate from their diets. Later, Dr. Oz discusses the controversial medicine many athletes, celebrities, and even the royal family swear by – homeopathy. He shares his homeopathic starter kit, with the top remedies to fight everyday problems ranging from stomach bloating and headaches, to insomnia and hot flashes. Three great medical doctors – Drs. Karlene Chinqwee, Scott Stoll and Albery Levy – share their favourite cures, and Dr. Oz has the number one homeopathic remedy to fight stress.


Episode 95                                                                 Monday, 16 March 2015

“What’s in America’s Food and Drink Products?” Dr. Oz has gathered the biggest names watching the biggest industries, to reveal the shocking cover-ups some companies prayed would never be discovered. From the hidden killer ingredients in everyday foods to the toxic chemicals in a popular children’s drink – consumer watchdog Michael Jacobson, executive director of The Center for Science in Public Interest, and pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene join Dr. Oz to help blow the lid off of the three biggest health controversies. Then, it’s the newest phenomenon in the world of alternative medicine – reconnective healing. Dr. Eric Pearl says he can heal anything from cancer to depression, without placing a finger on his patients by channeling personal body energy. Later, Dr. Oz learns two of Dr. Pearl’s energy exercises that will help anyone experience reconnective healing.  Plus, Dr. Oz reveals the codes and acronyms doctors use to shorten what they’re trying to say.


Episode 96                                                                 Tuesday, 17 March 2015

“Laxative Abuse: The Hidden Dangers” Dr. Oz dedicates his show to the pills that are a dirty little secret – laxatives. They’re cheap, sold over-the-counter and easy to get, but they can turn life into a threatening addiction. Dr. Oz discusses the harmful effects and important warning signs for even casual users of the pill. Then, Dr. Oz goes to the biggest, high-profile institutions in the world and asks them to create fixes for every area of life for under five dollars. From healthy meals created by the White House to beauty solutions from the world-renowned Canyon Ranch, everyone joins Dr. Oz to reveal their quick and cheap solutions just for you.


Episode 97                                                                 Wednesday, 18 March 2015

“All-Natural Appetite Suppressants to Stop Your Hunger” Are you continuously watching the clock, just waiting for your next meal? If so, Dr. Oz has the natural appetite suppressant that cuts hunger in half. With the help of a bariatric surgeon, an integrative medicine expert, and a naturopath, Dr. Oz shares his ways to lock the box on hunger.

Plus, Dr. Robynne Chutkan reveals another shocking way to suppress your appetite. She says Botox can stop hunger and help with weight loss. Dr. Oz then reveals the latest study’s shocking results that can have detrimental effects on your marriage.


Episode 98                                                                 Thursday, 19 March 2015

“Fat Melters!” Dr. Oz says goodbye to the three letters that haunt so many people, F-A-T.  He reveals his most promising fat melters, along with three solutions to tackle losing weight without diet and exercise, stopping excess fat from piling on, and getting rid of those last five pounds.  Then, Dr. Oz wants everyone to turn the health of their hearts around. He shares the four lifesaving tests every woman needs to take to prevent a heart attack and shows what the results could mean for your heart. Dr. Oz explains heart attack risk factors that could slip by unnoticed – why headaches, insomnia, and psoriasis might be concerning.


Episode 99                                                                 Monday, 23 March 2015

“The HCG Diet For Weight Loss: Is It Right For You?” Is the HCG shot for weight loss right for you? Dr. Oz sits down with Dr. Sheri Emma to discuss HCG injections – what they are, how they work, and why she believes in them. Then Dr. Oz brings Dr. Craig Primack to talk about his objections to the HCG shot and the arguments surrounding it. Plus, Dr. Oz speaks with Donatella and her husband, Dr. Allan Stewart, about her experience with the HCG diet and her improved food plan. Later, Dr. Oz. Oz searches for what people put in their refrigerators and catches unsuspecting shoppers red-handed. Dr. Oz has creates the perfect fridge for the fast-track to better health.


Episode 100                                                               Tuesday, 24 March 2015

“Dr. Oz’s Flat Belly Plan” Dr. Oz talks about belly fat, and remakes your body with his flat belly plan. Dr. Oz has figures out the right plan for shrinking those fat cells around the waist, and he believes it is the final word in beating the bulge. Then, Dr. Oz talks with the doctors who say they can fix the ugliest legs dermatologist –Dr. Ariel Ostad has technology that can zap those spider veins, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Leonard Grossman can sculpt even the worst thighs, and Dr. Jame Heskett has the secret to smooth cellulite.


Episode 101                                                               Wednesday, 25 March 2015

“Rev Up Your Metabolism Slump” Dr. Oz talks with Haylie Pomroy, the “metabolism whisperer,” who recommends two tests every woman should take to assess her metabolism and she has the three main reasons why women are in a metabolism slump – chronic dieting, eating diet or fat-free foods, and metabolic stress. Then, Dr. Oz reveals the revolutionary health reasons for your rage – brain issues, mood issues, alcohol or drug issues, and more. Dr. Oz has the medical explanations underlying people’s inability to control their anger.


Episode 102                                                               Monday, 30 March 2015

“What Your Face Reveals about Your Health” Dr. Oz offers clues your face reveals about your health. Professor of Chinese Medicine, Lillian Pearl Bridges tells Dr Oz she can help you uncover the clues to what is ailing you and even help prevent the diseases you fear most. Plus, Dr. Oz reveals easy and free techniques to melt away your pain without medicines.


Episode 103                                                               Tuesday, 31 March 2015

“Counterfeit Foods: Buyer Beware” Are you a victim of food fraud? Dr. Oz uncovers the shocking truth about the intentionally mislabeled foods at your supermarket. From fake fish to impure olive oil, learn how to spot common frauds and protect your family.