The Face of Destiny Teasers for December 2015: Luciano talks to Tania & reveals who killed the 7 kids


The Face of Destiny Teasers for December 2015: The upcoming The Face of Destiny episodes will features Diego, Veronica, Marcela, Samaniego, Martin, Antonia, Catherine, Ezequiel, Marcos and other popular characters. Read the below, The Face of Destiny Teasers for December 2015…

NEW! The Face of Destiny to Premieres on Monday the 14th December 2015 at 4.20pm.

Monday, 14 December
Diego is freed from jail and receives his new identity, but his old life starts to haunt him when he has flashbacks and sees Veronica on TV.

Tuesday, 15 December
Marcela spreads the word that Diego has been freed from prison. Antonia, Catherine and Marcos arrive at the bar, and Veronica joins them.

Wednesday, 16 December,
Antonia tries to make Veronica believe that Martin is her boyfriend. Ezequiel tells Diego that as he has already killed seven people he can kill more.

Thursday, 17 December,
Diego goes to a restaurant with Marcos, Marcela and Veronica. Marcela tries to seduce Diego and find out information from him, but Antonia interrupts.

Friday, 18 December
Ezequiel tells Diego that he will kill him if he quits his job. Veronica appears on TV to announce that Diego Mercader has been murdered.

Monday, 21 December
Marcela appears on TV to talk about the monster child. Martin realises that Marcela Llanos is an impostor – she was never his classmate at school.

Tuesday, 22 December
Martin goes to the monster kid’s funeral. Antonia is angry that Martin has gone because someone could recognise him, and she says she will leave him.

Wednesday, 23 December
Antonia visits the school where Diego studied and finds out that Ezequiel Alvarado was married to the owner of the school. Marcela is attacked.

Thursday, 24 December
Sonia asks Martin to forgive her. Antonia takes Martin to his old school to see if he remembers what happened on the day of the accident.

Friday, 25 December
Martin recovers his memory and tells Antonia that he didn’t kill seven boys. Antonia begins to search for the others that survived the accident.

Monday, 28 December
Luciano tries to convince Antonia that Diego was responsible for the shootings, but she doesn’t believe him. Some of the witnesses have disappeared.

Tuesday, 29 December
Antonia warns Samaniego that he has to find out who the real killer of the seven kids is. Ezequiel wants to find out who Mariana’s lover is.

Wednesday, 30 December
Luciano talks to Tania and reveals who killed the seven kids at the school 20 years ago. Antonia is followed by Ezequiel’s men.

Thursday, 31 December
Ezequiel threatens to kill Antonia’s father if she continues to investigate the shooting. Ezequiel asks Martin to forget about the past.

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